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Top 10 Kids Activities Curacao

Curacao is a great destination to plan a vacation with kids. The tap water is perfectly safe to drink, people speak multiple languages (English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamentu), so it’s easy to make yourself understandable. The weather is always warm, and the breeze makes it comfortable. Plus, there are plenty activities on Curacao for kids, and it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here is an overview of the top 10 kids activities on Curacao.

Curacao Children’s Museum

The Curacao Children’s Museum is a place where children learn through the power of play. The kids normally experience a hands-off environment, here they will be encouraged to touch and explore everything. Enjoy different interactive exhibit zones both indoor and outdoor. And for the parents there is free Wi-Fi and plenty of seats to keep an eye on your child. Your 1 to 8-year-old will love this museum! Click here for more information & prices.

Midget Golf course & Playground Brakkeput Mei Mei

Fun for every age; midget golf on Curacao! During the day or at night time. At Brakkeput Mei Mei you can enjoy 18-holes in a tropical garden. If the kids still have some energy left you can take them to the adjacent playground with lots of space and artificial grass (they’re not getting dirty here). Entrance to the playground is included and complete your activity with some bites, drinks or a kids menu. Click here for more info and prices.

Sea Aquarium Park Curacao

Which kid does not like mammals, dolphins in particular! Exactly, you can’t go wrong at the Sea Aquarium on Curacao. Also a great plus is that it is an educational activity. You have lots to learn and to discover here and of course you can also experience and interact with the mammals and other animals; sea lions, flamingos, fish, turtles etc. One spot, plenty to do! Click here for more info and prices.

E Mucha Interactive Workshops 

Are you enjoying a family vacation, and do you wish to add value to not just their vacation, but to their lives? Sign up your kid(s) for an interactive workshop at E Mucha (in Dutch, English or German). Let them learn how to handle certain Fears, Performance anxiety, or how to deal with Emotions or Sibling rivalry.

Parents can join workshops as well, such as Positive parenting or how you to best deal with your children during Puberty. 


Here’s one that every kid loves and where Curacao has plenty of: beaches. Some children only need sand and sea to play in. For the “high maintance” infants and parents there are beaches with playgrounds such as Cabana beach. Or the Curacao beaches that offer all kinds of water sports such as Blue Bay or Cas Abou. For older kids there are also locations that offer beach volleyball, beach tennis or beach soccer. You’ll find those spots at Jan Thiel Beach and Sea Aquarium Beach.

Salt pans

Completely free of charge but full of surprises are the salt pans. You will find the entrance of it at Nature Park Den Dunki on Caracasbaaiweg. Enjoy the salt pans of Jan Thiel in the morning when it’s not that warm. The area is great for hiking, jogging or cycling. The salt lake attracts many flamingos, which is just one of many species you might come across here. Make sure to bring some water, not just because of the heat, but also because your kid will be thirsty after discovering that the salt panes are truly salty.

Ostrich farm

The Ostrich farm on Curacao is fun for the entire family. You can just see the ostriches, or you can make it a tad more adventurous by taking a safari tour where you also feed the animals, or a quad tour where you get a chance to discover the rough and untouched wilderness of Curacao. Imagine being in South Africa for a day and complete the Ostrich farm experience by having lunch or dinner in their restaurant. Click here for more info and prices.

Kidi’s Park Sambil

Got a sunburn of just looking for an air-conditioning? Go to Sambil Mall on Curacao to unwind and perhaps do some shopping too. Kidi’s Park at Sambil (biggest Curacao mall) offers an indoor playground and is the biggest one on Curacao with 600 square meters/6500 square feet of fun. Kids can climb, jump and slide to their heart’s content and afterwards you can grab a bite to eat in the food court. Click here for more info and price.


Learn more about Mayan, Aztec and Inca sculptures, carvings and murals at Amazonia on Curacao. See, smell and feel the presence of our Caribbean, South and Central American ancestors. Enjoy a guided tour full of different tropical plants and animals. The Amazonian Rain Forest is definitely worth a visit. The tour takes one hour and you can also combine it with a Brazilian style Rodizio dinner in the L’Aldea restaurant. Click here for more info and prices.

Kunuku Aqua Resort

We can imagine that you as an adult don’t want to stay at a kids resort 24/7. However, if you wish to let your kids slide, enjoy and swim like little water rats than the option to purchase a day pass at Kunuku Aqua Resort on Curacao is an ideal solution. It is worth the drive towards Jan Kok. Kunuku Aqua Resort has two large swimming pools with a total of three great slides. For the little ones there is a special pool and also a decorated playground. Around the pools there are sunbeds available. At the cocktail bar Kunuku’s Hut they serve cocktails and snacks. Click here for more info and prices.

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