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Best places to spot local creatures on Curacao


A green iguana is a genus of herbivorous lizards that are native to tropical areas of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. It is the largest lizard in the Americas and is also known as the American iguana. You can find them anywhere on Curacao and most of the time they are sunbathing on land or on the branches of trees. Bites are relatively uncommon and lashes with their tails as well.

The best places to spot Iguanas are at the restaurant of Playa Lagun (restaurant of Bahia Apartments & Diving) and the restaurant of Kokomo.



Besides the dolphins at Sea Aquarium Park you can also spot them in the open sea during an Open Water Dolphin Dive or when the Dolphin Academy takes their bottlenose dolphins out intp the open sea towards the Zanzibar area and Mambo beach area.

To spot wild dolphins when you’re on a boat, it is best to look at the waves behind or on the side of the boat. Dolphins seem to have great fun jumping the waves.

What you do if you wish to spot a dolphin from the shore, is that you stare out at sea and scan the horizon from left to right and search for splashes or birds. Anything different than a smooth surface is worth looking because chances are you will spot a pod of dolphins passing by.

The best spots to see wild dolphins are on a boat to Klein Curacao and the South shore; Westpunt coastline, all the way to the Pietermaai coastline and the Jan Thiel coastline. 


There are several locations to spot flamingos besides the Sea Aquarium Park. The salt planes at Jan Thiel has a lake where you can admire them. There also is a park called Den Dunki. Exploring the salt planes and its area is a great way to start your day because it is not too warm in the morning. Around 5.00 pm it is also a good time to hike, but make sure you’re finished before the sun sets. It’s wise to end your walk before 6.30 pm.

The second location to spot flamingos is at Jan Kok. Here you will have the best view to these beautiful birds. When driving towards Coral Estate and Porto Marie it is very hard not to see them. Visit them in the morning or late afternoon, before heading or after going to the beach when the temperature is not too hot.

Another good spot to see flamingos is on the way to Kokomo Beach. On your left-hand side on Weg naar Bullenbaai you can see a lake where you can often spot flamingos as well.


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Of the 215 species of birds that have been recorded on Curacao only 57 are resident. You will find the most species at the Christoffel Park, Salt planes, and near the mangroves (water birds).

The Warawara (Caracara / Polyborus plancus) bird of prey and the bright yellow Trupial bird are probably Curacaos most famous birds. The yellow-green Parakeets, locally called “prikichi”, are also very common and loved on Curacao.

When visiting Curacao all you have to do is take a look in your accommodation’s garden to spot Trupial birds. They have a beautiful singing voice. The prikichi can be spotted in bush areas. To spot the Warawara, you need a much keener eye. When you’re driving to Bandabou or are hiking the Christoffel Park or the Salt Planes, keep a sharp lookout.

Sea Turtles

It is very likely to spot a Sea Turtle when snorkeling or going scuba diving on Curacao. On Playa Piskado (a.k.a. Playa Grandi) you have a 100% chance to encounter a Sea Turtle. Other locations on Curacao where you can see these beautiful creatures is at Playa Lagun and Klein Curacao.

An important thing to do when you spot any animal in the wild, is that you keep your hands to yourself. Enjoy the views of these magnificent animals and leave them be. Don’t feed them, don’t touch them and don’t get too close.

Respect them for the wild animals they are.

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