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E Mucha: Interactive workshops for kids & parents

Are you planning a family vacation, and do you wish to add value to not just your kids' vacation, but to their lives? Sign up your kid(s) for an interactive workshop at E Mucha (in Dutch, English or German). Let them learn how to handle certain Fears, Performance anxiety, or how to deal with Emotions or Sibling rivalry. Parents can join workshops as well, such as Positive parenting or how you best deal with your children during Puberty. Personal guidance at E Mucha is a good idea for both parents and child.

About E Mucha

What makes E Mucha (means the child in Papiamentu) special is that children will be guided in a creative way with involvement, love and a lot of enthusiasm!

Laura Vernooijs is a Social Pedagogical Caregiver. She worked in the children's nursing department of the hospital in the Netherlands, a residential group for young adults with autism and she set up a coaching program on Curacao for brothers and sisters. This therapeutic program was offered for siblings and parents of children who needed extra care.

She is specialized in working with kids aged 4 to 18 years, and Laura is also working at a local MBO/HBO college as a mentor and internship supervisor for teenagers and young adults.

Curious about Laura’s method? Contact E Mucha for more information via (+5999) 6759759 or [email protected]. You can find E Mucha on Avila's Octagon Plaza (only open by appointment).

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