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About the coronavirus


Which countries are considered Low Risk and can enter Curacao without PCR Test?

Travelers from Low Risk countries can travel to Curacao without a PCR test. Also if you are fully vaccinated and have a Digital Corona Pass (DCC) you don't need a PCR test.

An up to date list of countries that are considered Low Risk are are to be found here.

This list is subject to change depending on the situation of the country of departure. We advice to regurlarly check the government's website days prior to your departure in case procedures/restrictions are shifting. 

What mandatory requirements are there when flying to Curacao for High Risk Countries?

Mandatory actions for entering Curacao from High Risk countries are to be found here:

Children 6 years and younger that show no symptoms, and whose parents can show proof of a negative PCR test, are not required to undergo a PCR test. In this case children 6 and younger do not need to complete a PLC.


Do I need to be vaccinations to travel to Curacao and do I still need to be tested if I'm vaccinated?

You don’t need any vaccinations to travel to Curacao.

Being (fully) vaccinated with a corona vaccine is not required to travel to Curacao. If you are fully vaccinated and have a Digital Corona Pass (DCC) you don't need a PCR test.

What is the nearest PCR & Antigen Test location?

The Avila Beach Hotel has become a medical test location for stayover tourists. Together with Med Care Curacao and MLS the hotel offers the possibility to do a PCR Test and Antigen test.

The costs for an Antigen test is $20. Travelers who need to take a PCR test to travel, can easily and quickly obtain one for $72 per person. The Med Care Curacao and MLS test center is located near the hotel lobby and is open in the morning hours. The hotel offers this service until further notice.

How big is the chance that Curacao will be going to be in lockdown (with closed borders)?

It's extremely unlikely that the borders will close, because:

  • Almost 80% of all Curacao residents are fully vacinated with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccin. Curacao has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.
  • The island is now more prepared since we expanded the IC beds and medical staff in the hospital.
  • There's a fruitful testing policy for travelers from countries with more risks of a spread. 
  • The island has opened its borders for all countries as of January 1, 2021. Thanks to our local virologist Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth, the island has been quite successful in avoiding the Coronavirus and keeping those risks at a far minimum. 
  • Standards for hygiene and cleanliness are taken very seriously including additional steps to ensure your safety (see top of this page). 

The island is sufficiently prepared to avoid a complete lockdown as this is the last thing Curacao wants because the island is overall depended on tourism.

Can I still enjoy my Curacao vacation?

Curacao is an island where people enjoy the perks of “outdoor living” due to the perfect weather conditions. Almost all restaurants are outdoors or offer outdoor dining options. Approximately 95% of the activities are outdoor activities, and with more than 35 beaches and a beautiful underwater world, outdoor unwinding is extremely easy and pleasurably on Curacao.

With two National Parks, Salt Plains and even small forests there is even more nature present. Being outdoors instead of indoors with a lack of fresh air, increases both your safety and your sense of freedom. Yes, we 100% bet that you can still enjoy your vacation to the very max.

Click here to see a 1-week vacation planning, including the current temporarily COVID-19 measures.

What's the hotel's cancelation policy?

We recognize the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of all our hotel guests is our Top priority and we understand that a Risk Free Vacation is a must in this era with Flexibility & Non-commitment as core values.

The Avila Beach Hotel has therefore adjusted its Cancellation Policy to meet your travel plans best and offers Corona flexible & Fully flexible options. Please check below the differences in Avila's Flexible booking options right here.

Check Avila's  Flexible cancelation policy right here. 


What does the Avila Beach Hotel do to ensure the safety of their hotel guests?

For 71 years the Avila Beach Hotel has been hosting travelers on Trips of a Lifetime. Your Well-being and Safety have always been a top priority. A comprehensive COVID-19 guidance is in place at our hotel. You are in good hands when lodging at the Avila Beach Hotel, and we're here to be a resource for you.

What are the precautions that are taken at the Avila Beach Hotel?

  1. Our Housekeeping Team is rigorously trained, and all rooms are Triple Checked before a check-in for the next hotel guest (standard procedure).
  2. Every Employee received a training about the Coronavirus about how and when to Wash Hands thoroughly.
  3. Hotel Guests receive Hand Sanitizer.
  4. Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are placed on multiple locations.
  5. 52-point internal cleaning and detailing checklist.
  6. Surfaces that are touched often are being Cleaned Extra. Such as Elevator buttons, Room key cards, stair bannisters, doorknobs of hotel rooms and offices as well as phones and digital devices.
  7. Hand Washing Instruction Signs for both hotel guests & employees.
  8. High-Temp Wash & Disinfectant for linens, bedding items, cushions, kitchen equipment, towels, beach towels etc. (standard procedure).
  9. Bell-service will not be available. We will provide luggage carts in the hotel lobby for your usage. Luggage carts are­ sanitized after each use.
  10. Temperature check will be conducted by the hotel staff on all arriving guest through infrared temperature scanner on your forehead. For a temperature greater than 37.7 degrees you will be directed to a pre-arranged room and will be contacted by hotel management for further assistance.
  11. Welcome drink will be offered to you from a self-serve station in the hotel lobby.
  12. Welcome information will be sent to you digitally once you have checked in.
  13. Protective masks are not mandatory but are available at the front desk for all guests & staff members who wish to make use of them.
  14. Social distancing interactions must respect physical distancing guidelines of 2 meters (6 feet / 2 arm lengths) throughout the premises.
  15. Floor markings will be visible in some outlets to support physical distancing.
  16. Payments will only be possible with debit card, credit card or room charge. Cash handling is only available at the front desk.
  17. Avila Fitness Center is available based on appointment, please contact us for your timeslot (7111)
  18. Cloud Nine Spa cleared all location fees for all Outdoor Massages at the Avila Beach Hotel (also applicable to Massages on Room’s balconies) until further notice.
  19. A limited number of our onsite Restaurants and Bars will be available for service during your stay.

The Avila Beach Hotel will continue to monitor the situation closely and will make additional adjustments should this be required.

How many Coronavirus cases are there on Curacao?

After the lockdown of Curacao, the island was completely COVID-19 free. There was a total of just 17 cases (of which 1 Dutch tourist passed away) before the borders opened in July 1, 2020. Click here for an up to date overview.

What do I look for when selecting a Travel Insurance?

Choose your travel insurance health plan carefully. See what your travel insurance covers if you get sick with Coronavirus. High risk destinations may not be included in your travel health care insurance.

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