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10 Best Insta-worthy Avila hotspots

The Avila Beach Hotel is loved by many international photographers and has been the backdrop for renowned international (online) magazines such as Sports Illustrated, refinery29 and Swimsuitsforall. Famous models like Ashley Graham, Vita Sidorkina, Barbara Palvin and not to mention loads of well-known and popular (travel) influencers, bloggers and vloggers and even Hollywood stars; all had their pictures taken somewhere on the Avila premises. Want to know the prettiest (hidden) viewing points to showcase during your stay? Here are the Top 10 picture-perfect Avila hotspots for Instagram.

 Ocean Front Blues wing

The wooden structure called Ocean Front Blues wing is a super spot to take photos as there are all kinds of nooks and corners. It is the prettiest place to look over the Caribbean Sea on Curacao. The hotel rooms’ balconies have the best views you can imagine. The Ocean Front Blues wing also houses the observer tower; for an awesome 360-degree view and is especially picturesque during sunset time. The sunset makes a perfect backdrop for any picture. Don’t worry if you just missed the sunset, because the orange and pink afterglow is just as beautiful if not better. The Ocean Front Blues wing’s board walk is ready to be captured on any time of the day but is at its best around noon because of the lighting. Capture the palms, the rustic and romantic feel combined with the turquoise sea. And if you are in luck, you’ll catch a pelican diving in the ocean looking for fish.

Private beaches

With 2 different private beaches you’ll double the chance to take a beautiful beach shot. All angles are good and you’re better off during noon to capture that tropical beach look you’re searching for. Wait till the sun sets to capture the orange and pink afterglow and use the palms to make it extra Caribbean-ish. Close up or landscape; your followers will be knocked of their feet.

Octagon hallway and infinity pool

Octagon hallway and infinity pool. Of course, the infinity pool is a beautiful picture to capture a great shot. However, the Octagon Deluxe hallway on the ground floor is a more original location; we call this Curacao hotspot a hallway to heaven at sea level.

Avila's Interactive Art

If you love art or taking original pictures then you will adore our interactive art pieces. Have a seat on our bench with a colorful and tropical backdrop at Koetshuis. Let your thoughts gently drift off in our picture-perfect little fishing boat you'll find at our pier and meet Shon Ia on our Grande Terrace. Gaze with her into the clear blue sky and the Caribbean Sea; she will surely love your company and camera as she is always ready to pose. Add props to your liking to make it a one-of-a-kind selfie.

Restaurant The Pen & Blues Restaurant

Visit Restaurant The Pen to take fabulous food photos. Culture on your plate, an appetizing menu made with regional and local ingredients. Don't forget to pass by Blues Restaurant to capture the beautiful sunset, colorful Caribbean dishes and stunning 360°-mural. Both restaurants are a favorite culinary hangout on Curacao for many food bloggers.

The Avila Beach Hotel’s pier

The Avila Beach Hotel’s pier is a great Curacao hotspot to take a more edgy looking snapshot. The rocks, ocean and typical lanterns create a mysterious look and feel. Around sunset time you have beautiful lighting and reflection. On a day when the sea is a little rough, you have the waves crashing in making it a stunning action photo when you snap one with perfect timing or a photo burst.

Governor’s mansion

The Governor’s mansion is a truly authentic Curacao hotspot where Avila’s story began. The original building of the hotel, the Belle Alliance, was built around 1780 and served as a country residence for English Governors. Back in 1949 when the Avila Beach Hotel opened its doors, this was the section where all hotel rooms were located. Nowadays, the mansion houses the main entrance, lobby and spa. It’s also a beautiful sight to capture that typical old Curacao charm and history.

Little steps, footpaths and oceanside rocks

Beachside strolls without getting sandy feet or a clichéd look and feel. Little steps, footpaths and oceanside rocks. It’s all here and influencers & (online) magazines love it.

La Belle Alliance luscious garden

The La Belle Alliance luscious garden is great for fashion shoots, wedding shoots, landscape shoots and macro pictures. The bright green garden is perfect for all kinds of shoots and all type of photographers. Did you know you can get an outdoor massage with sea view under our garden pergola too?

Octagon Plaza & 1926 Rolls Royce

The Octagon Plaza. The Avila Beach Hotel was one of the photoshoot locations for the famous Sports Illustrated. And if it’s good enough for famous photographer Ben Watts, international super model Barbara Palvin & Vita Sidorkina and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit…it will probably be good enough for you too. Rent the 1926 Rolls Royce to tour the city and to use as the ultimate prop. With the historic Octagon Museum as a backdrop it really stands out of the ordinary and is not at all your everyday Caribbean Instagram shot.

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