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7 Curacao Charities to support with little effort but a huge impact

First, how nice that you are reading this article. It is wonderful to see that during your holiday you also want to contribute to improve the island of Curacao.

In every country there is something you can do when you go on holiday there. Even if you go on holiday in the your own home country, there are foundations and charities that can use your help.

With very little effort you can make a world of difference, also on Curacao. Finding such a foundation and figuring out what will best help them may take up the most of your time. That is why we have made a list of initiatives and foundations on Curacao with which you can ensure a big impact with a small gesture and little effort.

Roll up your sleeves at the Voedselbank (Food Bank)

On Curacao there is almost no financial assistance if one is unemployed. During one year of the Corona crisis in Curacao, no less than 85,000 food parcels were distributed. For those who do not have sufficient resources to feed themselves and their children, the Food Bank is indispensable. ‘Voedselbank’ Curacao is a project of ‘Yudansa pa Kòrsou’ (Foundation Help for Curacao). Due to the success of this project, the foundation is mostly known by the name of ‘Voedselbank’ Curacao. Would you like to help the Voedselbank which runs by 100% volunteers? This can be done by making a financial contribution or becoming a volunteer (can also be done once in a morning). Click here to donate.

Messenger: Facebook VoedselbankCuracao
WhatsApp: +5999 5291919
[email protected]

Bring school supplies for Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose is a worldwide organization. If you’re going on vacation to a country other than Curacao, you can always take a look for which projects there is need at your destiny and take something with you.

Pack for a Purpose could therefore be part of your vacation preparations with every trip you make. At this moment Curacao counts with 3 hotels that are participating of which also the Avila Beach Hotel. The motto of Pack for a Purpose is clear: Small Space. Little Effort. Big Impact. Click here to see what you can take with you in your suitcase and drop off at the front desk of the Avila Beach Hotel. In one quarter of the year, about 100 kilos of school supplies arrived at the Avila Beach Hotel and was brought to their destination. Will you help us break this record?

Take something with you or offer knowledge to the Aliansa Foundation

Aliansa Foundation takes care of woman (and their children) who have been victim of domestic violence and offers them shelter in an emergency safe house which gives them the opportunity to go into hiding. For the safe houses they are looking for different materials that you can take with you if you have space left in your luggage for the safe house. Think about toys for children from 0 to 14 years, hygiene products like sanitary pads, diapers, baby equipment (pacifier, shoes, clothes, bottles), women’s clothing, sheets and bedliner. They can make good use of knowledge in different areas. Would you like to give a helping hand and you are a: Psychologist, Therapist, Lawyer, Offender assistance, Specialist in the field of sexual violence, then the foundation would gladly like to receive your help! You may have seen the Aliansa Foundation pass by in the news bulletin about the visit of the Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands. To donate to Fundashon Aliansa, you can send your donations to the following bank: Maduro & Curiel's Bank N.V., Plaza Jojo Correa 2-4. Willemstad, Curaçao. Account number 32181004. Swift/IBAN code: MCBKCWCU. STICHTING ALIANSA. Kaya Akoerio 27 Willemstad Curaçao. Photo made by: Berber van Beek.

Stichting Aliansa di Lus:
Drop off address: Jan Otzenstraat z/n - Fundashon Bos Di Hubentut
WhatsApp: +5999 5238448 / +5999 4622442
[email protected]

A better environment starts with you

Also, on Curacao we try to keep the island clean, hopefully also by you. World Clean Up is a well-known concept on the island too, tourists are also welcome to sign up. We prefer to start with this lesson from an early age. Are you going to the beach yourself and enjoying your vacation on this beautiful island? Then pick up and clean what you have consumed, throw empty cups and cigarette butts in the trash bin, and do not cover them with sand. Taking it a step further, you can look around you to see if there is garbage of others that you can throw away. The island will be grateful to you!

Do you think it’s important that your children grow up with these sustainable values in a playful way? Then sign up your child for an educational activity at E Mucha (The Child in Papiamento). Nature Needs Superheroes is an educational program in collaboration with D-TAP's Water Refill Program at the Avila Beach Hotel. Research which superpowers your child needs to take care as well as possible of the nature (on Curacao). During the Nature Needs Superheroes activity they play games, do crafts, and learn about the beautiful underwater world on Curacao. Click here to sign up your child with E Mucha for free.

Give love to the animals at ‘Dierenbescherming’ Curacao

At the animal shelter you can make it as ‘crazy’ as you want to. From cuddling, walking, grooming dogs and cats to cleaning pens and even adopting dogs. This is possible every Monday to Friday as of 9.30 to 11.45 and on Saturday from 8.30 to 13.00. Where many people think that street dogs and cats are aggressive or false, the opposite turns out to be true. With a small gesture such as cuddling but also through buying a t-shirt, or a small donation, you are already supporting them and have contributed directly to their happiness. Click here to donate via Paypal. Click here to to sign up for the volunteer work through a sign-up form. Click here to see what else you can do. Other foundations for dogs can also use a donation: Stichting Dog, Feed Friends Foundation, Rescue Paws CuracaoPhoto made by: Berber van Beek.

Dierenbescherming Curacao:
Abattoirweg 7 (Parera)
+5999 465 4300
[email protected]   

Buy a D-Bottle and reduce plastic plus support Carmabi 

On Curacao It’s warm every day of the year. Drinking water is therefore even more important. It’s easy to buy a plastic bottle with cold water on the road, but this doesn’t benefit the environment. To reduce usage of plastic and still stay hydrated, a photogenic water bottle is for that reason extra useful. In addition, 5% of every sold bottle goes directly to charity. Local artist Kokolishi designed for Curacao the ‘Special art edition D-TAP 2021’. For every sold bottle, the Water Refill Program Curaçao donates 5% to Carmabi NME education. Carmabi was founded in 1955 as a Marine Research Institute. The organization has 4 pillars: Marine and Terrestrial Research, Park Management, Nature and Environmental Education and Consultancy. The bottles are for sale on Curacao, among other partners Avila Beach Hotel, Mom & Co, Mensings Caminada and DA Drogist.

Support The Hidden Green Movement 

You're welcome to support this local initiative by photographer Berber van Beek and Reina Keijzers. They will shine their photo flash on the hidden farmers of Curacao for 365 days. The initiators want to put twelve local farmers in the spotlight through photos and videos for one year to draw attention to the local food production. The campaign is due to officially start in March 2022, but The Hidden Green Movement is still lacking funds. This result for Curacao include among other things more support for farmers, a healthier population, more jobs in the agricultural sector, fewer food imports, stronger economy, less vulnerable and sustainable society and less CO2 emmisions. Please donate to them via: Vidanova Bank Account number: 3001197222 Tnv: SEDOP Foundation Curacao.

E-mail: [email protected] 
Phone: +5999 5103669 / +5999 6753285

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