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The 10 Best Caribbean islands

The Caribbean. They all share the same common factors of sun, sea and sand, making it the most beautiful vacation destination in the world. There are thousands of individual islands and at least 28 island nations. Therefore, it can be quite the challenge to decide which island will be your next vacation hideaway. Luckily, the Caribbean is surprisingly diverse in offering added values.  Take a look at the top 10 Best Caribbean islands and what type of traveler with what kind of interests each is best suited for.


Dushi (lovely) Curacao is the home to more than 35 captivating and beautiful beaches; most of them are like intimate coves and bays. The Dutch colonial architecture gives you a feel of an “Amsterdam in the Caribbean”. There are lots of flavorful restaurants offering a culinary delight, so do us a favor and please don’t go for an All Inclusive resort in Willemstad! Curacao offers something for everyone; from dive trips to relaxation from romance to family getaways. This island is located in the Southern Caribbean and is a part of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) and former Netherlands Antilles. And then perhaps the most striking aspect for those seeking for a sun sure vacation; Curacao offers idyllic weather year-round and is situated outside the Hurricane Belt; hello endless summers! 


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Aruba has those long white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. The Divi Divi tree is the icon to Aruba’s flora, which looks like a little like a big bonsai tree. It always points in a southwesterly direction due to the trade winds that blow across the island. It is “one happy island” for people of all ages. It’s extremely family friendly, with many (All Inclusive) resorts catering to families with kids. On the other hand, you can find numerous adult-centered activities on Aruba, such as nightlife and a wide assortment of casinos. It is that typical melting pot of everything that makes the Caribbean, the Caribbean.


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St. Maarten

St. Maarten is an island in the northeast Caribbean, approximately 300 km (190 mi) east of Puerto Rico. Saint Martin is under the sovereignty of France, as well as under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Get a taste of two different and dynamic cultures all for the price of one vacation. How unique is that! Looking for vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches and a multiethnic atmosphere with a Caribbean twist? St. Maarten is your island to be. Whatever you do, don’t forget to watch the famous airplane landings over Maho Beach.


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Puerto Rico

Commonwealth of the U.S. and between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean (east of the Dominican Republic) you will find the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is considered to have one of the most dynamic economies in the Caribbean. Therefore, you will notice that the island is very well maintained. It has a rich history (especially in Old San Juan), tropical climate, diverse natural scenery, but also shopping malls and casinos. Puerto Rico has a beautiful rainforest; El Yunque, and what’s truly unique is their magical bioluminescent bay (bio bay). It is water that contains millions of micro-organisms, called “dinoflagellates”, which glow in the dark for a second when agitated. The beaches are perfect for surfers, snorkelers or people who simply want to relax. “Spanglish” was invented here and it has that Mediterranean feel in the Caribbean because of the Spanish colonial architecture.


Cuba equals Charm. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and offers a captivating history, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, hills and rainforests and don’t forget the swinging salsa rhythms. Cuba slowly opens up to the West and modern resorts are becoming more common, however, your most memorable stays will be in the casa particulares. That’s similar to a bed and breakfast although it can also take the form of vacation rental. These private homestays offer an authentic peek into the everyday Cuban life. Enjoy a mojito, move your feet and bring an extra memory card because your camera will work overtime!


Bonaire could easily be called “Bonature”. If you are looking for rest and relaxation combined with beautiful nature than Bonaire is your go-to-island. The island is known for its underwater world and mentioned in every Top 10 lists when it comes to diving and snorkeling locations worldwide. Also windsurfing and kite boarding is something to put on your Bonaire bucket list. The island has a long and impressive history of nature preservation. This Eco-Friendly island is a peaceful place and doesn’t even has the hassle of traffic lights. We think you get our drift here in terms of the type of travelers Bonaire is perfect for!


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St. Kitts

St. Kitts is an island in the West Indies. Here is where the Atlantic meets Caribbean. Why? Because the west side of the island borders the easy going Caribbean Sea, and the eastern coast faces the rougher Atlantic Ocean. If that’s not special enough for you than perhaps its parks are; where other countries build more and reduce its National Parks. Here in St. Kitts the rainforest is actually expanding in size rather than shrinking. Breathtaking scenery, loads of history, extinct volcanoes and luxuriant rainforests but also beautiful beaches as well as fine diving and snorkeling sites. St. Kitts is a natural beauty!

St. Barts

St. Barts, short for Saint Barthélemy is known for the spot where the rich and famous enjoy a glass of Cristal on their luxury yachts. The sophisticated French island offers exquisite French cuisine and chic boutiques making St. Barts one of the most expensive islands of the Caribbean. However, it still has charms that make it attractive to regular folk. Also, hotel prices drop significantly in the off season making it a great vacay hideaway for the commons. St. Barts offers an extremely high quality, so even if you are there on a budget, in that period you get bang for your buck.  

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is located north/northeast of the island of Saint Vincent, northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique. St. Lucia is known for its natural and unspoiled landscape, beautiful beaches, and rainforest. Forget drive in cinemas or fast food chains. St. Lucia has the Soufriere volcano, the world's only drive-in volcanic crater. Rejuvenate, heal and feel great! Go to this island and take in those breath-taking views. Also a few well known Hollywood movies were shot on this island but the true cherry on top is the majestic Piton Mountains. St. Lucia rocks, also literally!


Barbados is 1,600 mi (2,600 km) Southeast of Miami. East of the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and 400 km (250 mi) north-east of Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados is a spectacular island, with lots of culture, history and night life. What makes Barbados truly special? The Barbadians or Bajans; that’s right, its locals. Warm like the island, charming like its houses and boutique hotels. Barbados is known for its beaches, but there are hills and many deep ridges and valleys, with an interesting flora and fauna. Sit back, relax and enjoy; in Barbados it’s “dat eaaaaasy”!

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