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Biggest mistakes you can make when booking a hotel on Curacao

How enjoyable your vacation is, partially depends on the quality of the hotel you stay in. A great hotel feels like a second home in paradise, while a disappointing hotel may cause unnecessary problems or even stress – and no one wants to stress on vacation. To fully enjoy your vacation, it is important that your hotel meets your needs. Booking the right hotel on Curacao can be rather difficult: you might not know the area, there are many hotels to choose from and websites can be misleading. By using the tips below, you can avoid common mistakes when booking a hotel on Curacao.

Don't book a hotel too far from it all

For most people, the holiday is a moment to fully unwind and relax. This may make it seem attractive to book a remote hotel. However, this is not a good idea: a secluded hotel makes it more difficult for you to fully experience the island and its inhabitants – something you definitely will not regret.

A centrally located hotel offers just as much peace and quiet beside the opportunity to experience the local culture. It is better to make trips to remote areas from a lively environment such as Willemstad than vice versa. Curacao is not very big, but a drive to the sparsely populated Westpunt to the lively Willemstad takes about 45 minutes. That’s a long drive for a snack and a refreshing drink.


Don't book a cookie-cutter hotel

The closer the hotel is connected to the island, the better. Local employees know the area, are proud of their island and always happy to tell you what you could do. This way you will discover places and activities that otherwise you would never know existed.

Another important aspect of any holiday is good food; allow yourself to be amazed by local cuisine made from fresh produce. Booking an "authentic" hotel doesn’t only add to the perfect vacation, but also to Curacao itself. It supports local employment and the economy of this beautiful island, so we can all continue to enjoy it.

Don't book an all inclusive hotel on Curacao

All inclusive hotels on Curacao may be an easy choice because you won’t have to think about what to eat or drink, but then you’re really missing out. Curacao offers plenty of great restaurants and bars in the most breathtaking locations.

Eating freshly caught fish while watching the sunset with your bare feet on the beach – that’s Curacao. Discover the island!


Curacao has many beaches, but don't assume all hotels have a private beach

Curacao has many beautiful beaches, but nothing compares to relaxing on the private beach of your hotel. Private beaches usually offer plenty of sun beds, places in the shade, bars and restaurants, and they often provide a safe designated swimming area in the sea. All this within walking distance of your hotel room is definitely a luxury, but not an unnecessary luxury.

Not every hotel offers a private beach. If the above sounds appealing, then it’s definitely something to look out for when booking a hotel on Curacao. Some even have two private beaches to enjoy.

Don't book last minute to Curacao

The earlier you book, the cheaper tickets often are. Also, if you book directly via the hotel's website you will mostly receive direct booking benefits

If you prefer a seaside room, good hotels will do their best to make this happen. Research by Skyscanner shows that it is best to book a ticket to Curacao 30 weeks (6 a 7 months) in advance. So don’t book last minute; the early bird catches the fattest worm.


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