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How to stay safe while visiting Curacao

Is Curacao safe? Short answer: yes.

But that doesn’t mean you should put your own personal safety on the back burner. Curacao is not that well known. Perhaps it could be one of the best kept secrets of all the Caribbean Islands.

Of course, if you’re traveling anywhere around the world, your safety will always be your number one priority. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that you are safe and sound on this Caribbean Island that is home to well over 160,000 people:

Road Rules:

When you travel to a foreign country, it’s normal to ask which side of the road the locals drive on. In Curacao, people drive on the right side of the road (the same as the United States). Also, they use the metric system here, so remember that it is kilometers, not miles per hour when you see speed limit signs. When you’re navigating the island, you can always download maps of Willemstad and Curacao, even without data or Wi-Fi in case you ever get lost. If the road conditions are wet, please use caution as they may be slippery. 


You can travel via taxi in Willemstad and most of the island. Before you take a taxi to your intended destination, be sure to reach a deal with your driver as taxis on Curacao do not have electronic meters. Taxi drivers are usually very honest; however, we recommend setting a price ahead of time. 


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Although pickpocketing is very rare here in Curacao, pickpocketing can happen just about anywhere you travel to. It’s recommended to be observant, in any destination you travel. When parking your rental car, be sure to lock your car doors and never leave any valuables inside of them. Most hotels have an in-room safe where you can store your valuables.

Going out at night:

It’s no secret that a Caribbean island can be a little bit lively at night. So have fun. But remember to stay on the main streets while you venture out by foot at night. Be sure to stay in well-lit and lively areas. If you decide to have a drink, know your limits. It’s never good to be intoxicated and venture in an unfamiliar area.

Always be aware of your surroundings:

Get a good idea of what the normal behavior of people is here in Curacao. They are usually good-natured people who are friendly to visitors and will go out of their way to help you if and when you need it. If you see something that seems a little out of the ordinary, don’t be too alarmed. Just be aware and use your gut instinct. 

The languages in Curacao:

It’s easy to navigate an island like Curacao. If you get lost or in trouble, you should know that most people in Curacao do speak English. Overall, they also speak Dutch, Spanish, and local language Papiamento. If you don’t speak either of these languages than it’s also good to know some words for survival purposes (i.e.: Such as “police” and “hospital”). In case of an emergency the alarm number is 911. 


Curacao is a unique place to visit. You should have no trouble enjoying your time here. Overall, it has no dangers present that can threaten tourists. In the end it all comes down to using your common sense. When noticing that an area is a bit too quiet or dodgy; avoid going that direction, like you do in all parts of the world. Enjoy your time in Curacao! 

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