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Everything you need to know about a destination wedding on the beach

A destination with many beautiful beaches is not just a good idea for a honeymoon, it’s also a great location for your destination wedding. The weather is beautiful and the experience of a destination wedding (on the beach) is truly memorable for you and your guests. Life is simply better at the beach, and getting married there is no exception. In some Caribbean islands (sun sure Curacao for example) it’s cheaper than getting married in most other countries. If you want to get married on the beach or if you have been invited as a guest to a beach wedding, the following tips are worth keeping in mind.


The best beach wedding shoes are no shoes

A beach wedding and shoes will never be each other’s best friend. Luckily they don’t have to – nothing feels as great as walking barefoot on the beach. One great thing about a beach wedding is that you don’t need shoes. Imagine walking on the beach on high heels, it is simply impossible to do so elegantly. Wear sandals or better yet, collect everyone’s shoes at the entrance to proceed barefoot. Alternatively, brightly colored flip flops or in the color of the theme, could be offered to guests here. This is a great solution and really adds to the festive atmosphere of the beach wedding. You can fill the lack of shoes with embellishments such as garlands and beautiful ankle jewelry. If you do prefer to wear shoes, we recommend airy shoes with flat soles such as (open) espadrilles.

Not every dress is a beach wedding dress

For the bride, the wedding dress is likely to be the most important aspect of the day. The wedding dress must be beautiful, but also comfortable and practical – especially in a tropical location such as the beach. A wedding dress with a long train is not that great as a beach wedding dress: it easy gets dirty in the sand and is particularly inconvenient when walking around the beach, especially for the bridesmaids who have to carry it. A dress with several thick layers is simply too hot to wear. A good solution for both problems is a short(er) beach wedding dress. This is airy, playful and fits perfectly with the setting of for example a Caribbean beach wedding. These tips are also applicable to the women attending a beach wedding of course.


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What to wear to a beach wedding

For beach weddings, almost every type of clothing is an option: ranging from very formal (black tie) to very casual (swimming shorts). Before you go out and buy a new outfit for this special occasion, it is wise to reread the invitation – there might be a dress code. Cheerful colors like bright blue, pink and yellow always work out well on the beach. Given the warm and sunny climate of the Caribbean and Curacao in particular, it is recommended to dress lightly and to come prepared. The wind usually blows stronger at the seaside, especially with the trade winds of Curacao, so keep that in mind when choosing your outfit. What to wear at any beach wedding? Sunscreen! The most necessary component in any dress code at any beach wedding.

Great beach wedding ideas

The romantic setting of a white beach with a clear blue ocean in the background creates a relaxing and romantic feeling of freedom by itself. A beach wedding is unique in every way and the possibilities are literally endless. The decor is completely different from conventional weddings. You could replace the guestbook with a surfboard, use tables made from driftwood and decorate them with seashells.

If you want to make sure your beach wedding is memorable, original and absolutely carefree, it is wise to turn for help of a wedding planner. Hotels such as the Avila Beach Hotel on sun sure Curacao offer fully catered wedding opportunities on the most beautiful locations you can imagine.

Click here to learn more about destination weddings and saying I DO on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao in particular.

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