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20 Photos that will put Curacao on your Bucket List

Let’s take a look at the future, because it's looking bright. The vaccine is distributed worldwide. Experts are getting to know the virus better and better and people are adjusting to the social distancing “thing” bit by bit. This will be the year that traveling is possible again and that brings us to your Bucket List.

Most probably, you have been daydreaming about your next escape, and chances are you cannot wait to dust off that suitcase again! Therefore, now is the time to make some travel plans. Not only because you are anxious to and see what you have been missing out. But also, because you need a change of scenery every now and then, and something immensely to be excited for, to be able to forget about the past year with all its challenges and setbacks.

Maybe Curacao is what you have been longing for the past months, what possibly feels like an entire decade.


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Discover the island of Curaçao and get to know the Curaçao culture with tasty food, museums, events or just do nothing at all: feet in the sand, a cold drink in your hand and gaze over the blue sea while the sun warms your back. Curaçao will welcome you with open arms.

Start gazing at these 20 photos that will surely put Curaçao on your 2022 Bucket List!

1. Daydream in full color at the UNESCO world heritage Handelskade

Photo: The Lovely Escapist

2. Kiss all stress away with the turquoise sea as a stunning backdrop

Photo: Flip Flop Wanderers

3. Individuals who viewed nature scenery showed less physiological distress - a pleasant additional benefit

4. Treat your eyes to the prettiest color there is 


5. Take a Sunset swim at the elegant Avila Beach Hotel 

Photo: Flip Flop Wanderers

6. Taste the feeling of adventure at the Santa Martha lookout 

Photo: The Lovely Escapist

7. Curacao has got everything, even oceanfront caves 

Photo: Yobani Quintero

8. Visit the award-winning beach Cas Abou and let your happy feet dance in its powdery sand 

Photo: Curacao Tourist Board

9. Step into the water and snorkel your (scenic) way to a Shipwreck 


10. Visit a mangrove forest on a sup board and let the beauty of it sink in 

11. Let the voice of the waves crashing in speak to your inner you and feel alive again 

Photo: Lonely Planet

12. Meet the Curacao wildlife; flamingoes, dolphins, iguana’s, sea turtles and wara wara birds of prey

Photo: Jasper Doest

13. Let true joy and growth occur while you’re climbing Christoffel mountain 

Photo: National Geographic

14. Dip your soul into street art at the Scharloo, Ser’i Otrabanda & Pietermaai districts 

Photo: Lillie Marshall

15. Let the sun warm your body and mind on a sandy white beach 

Photo: Curacao Tourist Board

16. Curacao may be small, but it can still feel majestic with its stunning nature 


17. Dive into happiness and explore the beautiful underwater world

Photo: Dive Curacao

18. Feel the freedom while sunset gazing at Porto Marie 


19. Fulfill your wanderlust and remember more than you have seen

Photo: New York Times

20. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner in the most charming surroundings you can imagine 

Photo: Misset Horeca


Thank you for joining us through the wonders of Curaçao.

We look forward to welcoming you soon in real life and make your bucket list dreams come true!

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