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10 Reasons why choose the Avila Beach Hotel on Curacao for Wellness

The priorities on holidays have changed, with more focus on R&R, but also on health & sports and taking good care of yourself. Wellness is a new luxury. Pleasure, rest, and mindfulness help to prevent stress and burnout. Travelers are consequently more often looking for special holidays at a hotel that offers a variety of Wellness amenities; to make their trip even more valuable. Tasty, healthy, and vegetarian options on our menus are just a modest example. Here you will find 10 reasons why the Avila Beach Hotel fits these wishes and keep that 'seize the day feeling' high.

Massages (with sea view)

The Avila Beach Hotel not only offers relaxing massages inside in the cooling air conditioning but also outside on your balcony or in the special Spa Palapa with a breeze and sea view. Close your eyes and enjoy the soothing sound of the sea. Leave your thoughts behind and surrender yourself to the pros at Cloud Nine Spa. Alone or in pairs, it's all possible.

Mental and Spiritual Wellness through Yoga & Pilates

Together with Avila Fitness Center, the Avila Beach Hotel offers the opportunity to work on your mental well-being. Through outdoor Pilates, Yoga, and Aqua Chi Yoga. Immerse yourself in a wonderful Wellness experience, together with like-minded people. A lesson in the open air provides relaxation and fun and puts you in a beautiful state of mind.

Mindfulness Water Activities

Stand-up paddleboarding is a water sport that doesn't require too much effort. You are in the outside air, and you can add a bit of a tan. It is also very relaxing. Enjoy the beautiful view, the breeze, and the paddling. The Avila Beach Hotel offers these facilities free of charge to all guests. Then cool off by taking a dip in the sea or discovering the beautiful house reef while snorkeling. Discover the colorful fish near the rocks and coral.

Fitness facilities overlooking the sea

Exercise makes the body produce endorphins and serotonin, also known as the happiness hormone. It creates a good mood, helps reduce stress, and gives you more self-confidence. It also helps with any jet lag. If you are already sporty at home, it is easy to stay fit here. We bet that our new Technogym equipment complemented with a beautiful sea view is heaven on earth for every gym rat. We also offer spinning classes & protein shakes. Let's go!

Infinity pool and two private beaches

Swimming and wellness are perhaps the most famous combination. At the Avila Beach Hotel, it is a double pleasure. Because in addition to two private beaches, there is also an infinity swimming pool. Immerse yourself or float in the sea or the pool. Unwind on the sunbeds or take a mindful walk on the beach. Beaches are quiet at the Avila Beach Hotel even when the hotel is fully booked, unlike at public beach areas like Jan Thiel or Sea Aquarium. That means more privacy and more peace of mind.

There are plenty of palapas and huts, so it’s easy to sit back well protected from the sun. Do not forget to apply sunscreen. Avila Beach Hotel offers free reef-safe sunscreen at both the beach and pool.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

It is already wonderfully warm in Curacao. However, the Avila Beach Hotel offers an outdoor Jacuzzi with a sea view. Why? Because it is very soothing. It reduces stress, improves blood circulation, and relaxes muscles and joints. Perfect for both your mental and physical health.

Beauty treatments

Wellness and beauty go hand in hand. Treat yourself to the ultimate Wellness experience; facials, foot and hand treatments, and a body wrap. You are in good hands with our Cloud Nine Spa beauticians. The calm atmosphere allows you to experience Wellness at its purest by stimulating your Body, Mind & Soul.

Beautiful views and beautiful insights

The Avila Beach Hotel has a lot of Instagram-worthy places. The beach and sea are picture-perfect, but this photogenic hotel also has a luscious tropical garden. There are an array of nice corners, nooks, and seats. Walking, snorkeling, supping, sipping, or just sitting still and leaning back. Look around and enjoy the views, which look very different at various times of the day. It provides food for thought, and you have the chance to sort everything out in peace and to come to your senses. What are your needs, goals, and wishes?

A fine view gives a good insight.

Art and Music

Wellness mainly stands for silence, but music can be very stimulating for the Wellness feeling. You may know the soft custom spa music during treatment, but (classical) music and art are also things that can bring mental peace. The Avila Beach Hotel is known for its love for culture by offering live music for its guests, including classical concerts and (interactive) art. What is beautiful to the ear and the eye can be a delight to the soul at the same time.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

We are increasingly aware of the carbon footprint that we leave behind. We are living more and more consciously with more attention to nature. As a hotel, we also care about this. The Avila Beach Hotel has received a Travelife Gold for sustainability in the tourism industry, an international sustainability certification. Of course, the Avila Beach Hotel also pays attention to the environment (both above and underwater) and animal welfare in Curacao. We are participating in Clean Ups, have a 'pop-up' coral nursery installed, and try to reduce the use of water, electricity, and plastic.

The hotel is planting one tree for every room night booked directly through the Avila website and participating in the Pack for a Purpose project. Travelers can also participate and contribute. The hotel additionally works with local entrepreneurs and natural, BPA-free products.

Research shows that 79% of travelers confirm that travel is the best medicine for their mental and emotional well-being. A Wellness holiday at the Avila Beach Hotel counts as a double holiday. Vacation for your body and a retreat for your mind. We help you recharge your battery and live more in the here-and-now. Because of the many Wellness options, the resort is also an excellent place for a Workation.

We hope this article helped making your choice more easy. We look forward to welcoming you soon!


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