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The best spa treatments to start your vacation

Vacation preps can be a bit of a hassle but once arrived at your hotel you are taking a break from your to-do list at home and the travel stress that you may have faced. To truly unwind and quickly fully relax during your well-deserved break we recommend these relaxing Spa treatments at our Cloud Nine Spa.

Body Polish & Wrap

This treatment is ideal to book at the start of your vacation and at the end of your vacation. Why? During a body polish dead skin cells are rubbed off which is super convenient for guests who wish to get an even tan at the beach. An extra plus is that a body wrap reduces body measurements. The effect is just temporary, but it's great if you want to look fantastic in your swimwear. A body wrap can also help your skin recover from too much time in the sun which makes it also perfect to enjoy at the end of your stay.


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Energizing massage

Start your Curacao vacation bright and shiny. This massage is ideal to fight a nasty jet lag, the perfect antidote to a poor night’s sleep and great for bringing your energy levels back up. Expect to finish feeling awakened and ready to take on the day. No worries; it’s perfectly acceptable if that day is a lazy beach day.


Your feet are carrying you day in day out. Mostly hidden in your shoes or heels. When enjoying a summer vacation your feet deserve to be pampered too. By choosing a pedicure you will spoil your feet with a massage and ultimately, a nail polish. A French pedicure or a bright color nail polish will make them look brand-new again!

Hotstone (couples) massage 

This massage is a great way to relax but also to ease muscle pain. This could be very helpful after a long flight or carrying a heavy (carry-on) bag. Make it a couples massage and you will double the pleasure as sharing such a blissful and memorable occasion provides opportunities for connecting and bonding with your partner. What better way is there to start your vacation by re-connecting from your hectic daily life back home?

Eyelash and or Eyebrow lifting & tinting

What’s more fitting than letting your face rest from make-up while you get some rest too? Not wearing (too much) make-up during your vacation feels perhaps more comfortable when your eyelashes are lifted, and brows are tinted. Defines eyes and there is no hassle of putting on and whipping off make-up every day, and no worrying about runny mascara when swimming. The way we look at it this is a triple win-win-win!

Waxing & Sugaring

There are a “Brazilian” reasons to wax when you’re about to enjoy a vacation while being half naked at the beach almost all the time. No prickly legs, clean armpits, a smooth back and a neat bikini line. Waxing is not a luxury in the Caribbean, it’s a necessity. Our motto is: Wax before you Relax!


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