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The 10 best tours to discover Curacao

Curacao is a fairly small island, but there are many things to discover. Whether you are looking for something active to do or just want to relax with your family or on your own; there is something for everyone. With the help of our tour desk, your trip becomes a relaxing experience instead of one that causes a lot of stress.

There are so many activities and tours on Curacao that it might be difficult for you to make a choice – especially since they all seem worth it. It’s a shame to waste precious days on your vacation, so we’ll help you make a choice. Below are the ten best tours to explore Curacao in many different ways.

Take a daytrip to Klein Curacao

Klein (Little) Curacao is located near Curacao and it takes about an hour and half to get there by boat. It has everything you could ever want from a tropical paradise: white beaches, crystal clear azure water and sea turtles. There are tours going to Klein Curacao every day. The tour starts early in the morning and lasts until the end of the afternoon. During the day there is plenty of time to explore Klein Curacao, to lie on the beach, to go snorkeling or to relax on the boat. Breakfast, lunch and dessert are prepared by the crew and on the way back there is an open bar. Do you love the sea, sailing, bounty islands and rum punch? Then a daytrip to Klein Curacao is an absolute must.

Take a deep dive with Substation Curacao

Have you always wanted to explore the depths of the oceans? Now you can – without training and without getting wet. Substation Curacao takes you to a depth of up to 300 meters in a mini-submarine. During these dives you will encounter all kinds of special and rare animals that live only at great depths. Substation Curacao offers several diving tours, such as a night and a dive to a sunken ship that lies deep at the bottom of the ocean. No prior knowledge or skills are required for this tour. It is an experience you will never forget.


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Standup paddle and discover Curacao

You can also explore the island in an active and particular way: on a standup paddle board on Curacao. The board on which you stand is much like a big surfboard. You move forward by using a paddle. It is easy to maintain your balance on the board: anyone can do it. Accompanied by an experienced guide you can explore the beautiful mangroves and waters of Curacao. There are several different tours to choose from, so it just depends on what you feel like.

Take a boat trip to watch the most beautiful sunset in Curacao

Nothing beats watching the sunset on Curacao and there is no better place to do from that than on a boat. The boat usually takes you to the Spanish Waters, where you can see some of the most beautiful homes and villas. From there, they’ll take you to the port and offers a great view over the water and the sunset of Curacao. This also allows you to see the Juliana Bridge and Emma Bridge (pontoon bridge) from a unique location. This tour is suitable for anyone who wants to see Curacao from another perspective.

Discover the Blue Room

The Blue Room is a cave that you can only enter by swimming three meters under water. The hidden cave gets its name from the blue light that fills the room. This is due to the reflected sunlight through the clear blue water. You can get to the entrance of the Blue Room by hiking, canoeing or taking a water taxi. No matter how you get there: the Blue Room is definitely worth a visit.

Dive with dolphins in open ocean of Curacao

Meet dolphins on Curacao. Dolphin Academy on Curacao has trained their dolphins to swim in the open sea. This offers divers to opportunity to see these amazing animals in their natural environment. The dolphins on Curacao are anything but shy and like to swim and play with divers. For this tour, a dive certificate is required.

Take a guided walk through the historic Pietermaai district

Pietermaai is a vibrant and colorful neighborhood and there’s always something going on. It has a rich history with many visible remnants of the past, and at the same time it is very hip. There are cozy cafes, small shops and fine restaurants. You’ll meet artists, students, tourists and businessmen. The nightlife in Pietermaai is something you’ll want to experience as well. It’s a whole other world. Pietermaai is a true mix of everything that makes Curacao beautiful, and a guide can tell you all about it.

Explore the Christoffel Park

The Christoffel Park is the largest natural park of Curacao and a must see for everyone who loves nature. You can explore the park by car, a pickup safari or by foot. There are eight different hiking trails of which the climbing of the Christoffel Mountain (372 meters high) is an absolute highlight. The hike to the top is rather difficult and not suitable for people who have difficulty walking. The view from the top is phenomenal: under the right circumstances, almost all of Curacao is visible. It is strongly recommended to begin this journey early in the morning, as it simply gets too hot during the day for such effort. For other hikes through this beautiful natural park, this is true to a lesser extent.

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