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10 Best ways to spend your time off Meaningfully

Let’s be honest; your spare time is sacred but is often spent doing chores. You may have a demanding job, a busy household, all kinds of obligations and therefore your actual time off should truly be spend meaningfully. With or without kids. With friends & family, with your spouse or some alone time. Realize that the present moment is all you have. Take a look at the 10 Best Ways to enjoy your Free Time (on Curacao).

Take your date night to the next level

A hectic life often means not having enough time for your loved one. Take your date night to the next level and rekindle the romance with a dinner on the beach. Imagine just you and your spouse on a secluded beach with a glass of wine or cocktail, enjoying a 3-course menu. Spend a night where it really is just the two of you connecting.

Kick start your day at a Gym with a view

Create a healthier lifestyle, enhance your quality of life by feeling more fit. Join the Outdoor Pilates classes. Or begin your day with at the gym with an amazing sea view. Surround yourself with successful people doing the same thing in a cultured setting. Avila Fitness Center has one open concept fitness area with all new Technogym equipment. Enhance your quality of life by feeling more fit. Get in shape with a spinning class and feel brand new after your workout. Time well spent leads to life well lived.

Spend some Me-Time


Spending time alone is actually a good thing as the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one in your life. Going to a Spa is one of the most popular ways to take some time off and to make you feel You again. Enjoy that well-deserved facial or make use of an energizing massage that’s ideal to fight a nasty jet lag, recover from short nights or to get your energy level back. Get rid of the old and feel brand new by doing a body polish that gets rid of dead skin cells. It can also help you get an even tan at the beach or it can help recover your skin for spending too much time in the sun. Splurge your me-time at the spa because you deserve it. Locals don’t forget to ask for your local rates at Cloud Nine Spa.


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Get your taste buds on

Food is life! Allow yourself a full day where you don’t have to think about what to prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner (unless cooking is your passion course). Be spoiled by a Chef that knows good food.

Enjoy a great breakfast with a view (how about room service?), local style lunch and/or dinner in for instance at Restaurant The Pen or indulge the delicious Caribbean dinner at Blues Restaurant.

Cuisine that’s complemented with a beautiful sea view tastes even better.

Take joy of the little things you daily do

Try to not do things on the automatic pilot. For example, when walking to your car on a parking lot, locking your front door or standing in line somewhere. Put away your phone and notice your surroundings and be in the moment every step of the way. What do you see? What do you hear? Do you notice those flowers and do you hear the sound when turning over your key or when putting down one feet after another. 

Don’t just have a plain lunch when you’re off or during break time. Go for a scenic lunch instead, preferably seaside to create a more relaxed feel to it, for example at The Pen Restaurant & Terrace. Make your lunch truly count. Have a seat in the shade, with a breeze, enjoy the beautiful view and indulge good food. 


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Take in a stunning Sunset 

You are on Curacao, and not everyone has the advantage. You are on an island where other people wished they were now. Take in all the beautiful views, especially the stunning sunset. It’s not only a great way to end your workday, it also is an awesome start of your evening. Say cheers to the good life. Visit the daily Happy Hour at Avila for a change at 5.00 pm. Watch the sun go down and enjoy quality time with your friends, colleagues or family. Seize the day!

Enjoy a beach day

An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease, so escape everyday life and head to the beach. Avoid the crowded beaches with lots of cruise passengers and not so comfy lounge beds. Choose a nice and quiet beach like Avila’s beach, serving great food and beverages, with a Beach Day Pass or package. Enjoy the scenic view, take a stroll at the beach and discover the beautiful house reef while snorkeling. Soft sand, rolling waves, and endless sunshine. What’s not to love?

Stop longing for Fridays

Celebrate the middle of the week by indulging good food and a tasty cocktail made by one of our excellent bartenders. Be in the moment and stop longing for Friday. It’s perfectly okay and even recommended to have fun during the week as well. Take in some Beach Vibes for instance with live music and a happy hour every Wednesday at Avila’s beach.

Truly reconnect during a romantic couples massage

Take away the tired feeling and any stress you may have together with your partner, with a romantic couples massage. Sharing such a blissful and memorable occasion provides opportunities for connecting and bonding with your partner in a unique and meaningful way. You can have the romantic couples massage at different locations at Avila such as on the Observer tower or Massage Palapa where you get a beautiful and peaceful sea view.

Music makes you Happy

Listening to music causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. It can actually make us feel uplifted, content and can improve our health, too. Seize your day/weekend/evening off by enjoying some (live) music when you have the chance. Luckily, live music can be indulged on several days of the week on Curacao. At the Avila Beach Hotel there is live music on Wednesday (at the beach), the famous Live Music Night on Thursday, on Friday during the Happy Hour and on Saturday during the weekly Grill Night.

Dancing, especially to a cheerful song does the trick as well. Music is Life. That’s why our hearts have a beat ;-)

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