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5 reasons to visit Schooner Bar

Curacao has countless beach bars. One of the most unique ones is Schooner Bar & Terrace in the Pietermaai District (at the Avila Beach Hotel). This Curacao beach bar is also accessible for locals and non-hotel guests and definitely worth a visit if you are vacationing on Curacao but also when looking for a great time at a wonderful location. We give you five reasons why you should experience this place at least once. Seize the Yolo!

Centrally located yet beachfront

Centrally located yet beachfront

What’s great about this beach bar on Curacao is its location. It is downtown, in the lively Pietermaai District, yet oceanside making this beach bar exceptionally accessible.

Also because this beach bar is centrally located and has a convenience and spacious parking.

In short, a great spot to hangout after work, before grabbing dinner (at home, elsewhere or at Avila) or when just looking for a place to relax without needing a long drive.

Truly authentic and unique

Truly authentic and unique

Schooner Bar is located at the oldest operational hotel on Curacao, the Avila Beach Hotel.It is a hotel filled with history and truly has an authentic soul. Schooner Bar is located right in the heart of the hotel and open since 1959 making it the oldest operational beach bar on Curacao.

The name of this beach bar is parallel to its former shape; the Schooner of a sailing ship. When having a drink at this Curacao beach bar, you’re actually having a drink at a wooden boat looking over the white sands of Avila’s beach and the Caribbean Sea.

The most beautiful sunset on Curacao

The most beautiful sunset on Curacao

This beach bar has an amazing view to the sunset. Enjoy the stunning ocean view and come by to see the sun go down, somewhere between 6.00 – 7.00 PM. Don't miss the Schooner Bar’s daily Happy Hour at 5 PM, including live music on Fridays! 

Indulge that beautiful lit sky, cozy string lights, romantic torches and ambient lighting together with tasty drinks and delicious food.

Avila’s Beach Vibes

Avila’s Beach Vibes

One of the best recurring weekly events on Curacao is Avila’s Beach Vibes. This Wednesday evening is all about practicing the laidback Caribbean lifestyle.

Life can’t get any better, right? Pick a seat at the boat shaped Schooner Bar, the scenic seaside terrace or at the beach. If you can’t relax here, then something is seriously wrong.  

Interesting guests

Interesting guests

Schooner Bar has a long and proud tradition of welcoming business travelers from all over the world.

Because the hotel receives a lot of renowned guests, government officials, established business people (both local and international) and also influencers.

This Curacao beach bar is an ideal location to easily get in touch with interesting folks and could be the breeding ground to extend your (valuable) network.   

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