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How do I book my hotel room at the Avila Beach Hotel?

Your vacation to Curacao and the Avila Beach Hotel is just a few mouse clicks away! Click here to check our hotel rates & availability and to book your hotel room at the Avila Beach Hotel directly via our booking engine. You will enjoy many advantages when booking directly through us, including free airport transfer. 

How do I get to the Avila Beach Hotel from Hato Airport?

The best way to get from and to the Curacao airport is per taxi. Click here to book your airport transfer. Or book directly via our online booking engine and get your airport transfer free! Click here to learn more. Click here for the directions.

What is fair to pay for a taxi on Curacao from Hato to the Avila Beach Hotel?

A rental car or taxi is available on Hato Airport. A taxi to Willemstad will cost approximately US $30 for 1-4 persons. A fifth person is 25% extra. A taxi on Curacao does not have electronic meters. Taxi drivers are usually very honest, however, we recommend to set a price beforehand.

Is it safe and reliable to make use of a taxi on Curacao?

If you wish to make use of a taxi on Curacao during your stay, our front desk employees are happy to arrange one for you. Taxi drivers on the island are usually very honest and fair. However, it is recommended to agree on the fare with the taxi driver beforehand.

Is the hotel close enough to the city to walk to downtown Willemstad?

Willemstad is the capital of Curacao. The centrally located Avila Beach Hotel is just a 15 minute walk away from the historical downtown city of Willemstad on Curacao. Your walk will be a scenic walk as the neighborhood offers some beautiful historical sites and lots of cozy bars and restaurants. So chances are you won’t be able to make the walk in just 15 minutes. Willemstad on Curacao is a not to miss must do when visiting the island.

Where can I experience the Curacao history at its best?

It’s impossible to visit Curacao without experiencing Pietermaai District. Much of what makes the island unique is captured in the atmosphere of the historic district: from the tropical beach feel to the bohemian elegance of the cafés and restaurants. No matter what your interests are, Pietermaai District has it all. Here you will find the Curacao history at its best! The Pietermaai Historical Walk starts at the Octagon Museum and offers you a glance back into time every Friday afternoon.

Is there a car rental nearby?

Curacao is a perfect destination to discover by car. The beaches in ‘’’Westpunt’’ are not to be missed…so we definitely encourage you to get out and explore our island. In our hotel lobby you can find a knowledgeable representative of Budget Car Rental Curacao. Should you want to contact this Car Rental on Curacao prior to your stay, you can do so via e-mail or by calling +5999 - 4628378.

Does the hotel offer a shuttle service to the Curacao capital Willemstad (downtown)?

Yes, the Avila Beach Hotel offers its guests a free shuttle service to and from the Curacao capital Willemstad. This shuttle departs every working day at 9.00 am and 2.00 pm. It departs from the city center back to the hotel at 11.30 am and 4.30 pm.

How do I explore Curacao the best?

Besides renting a car and walking around we can definitely recommend you to book a tour to explore Curacao. For the recreational part of your stay, our tour desk can assimilate the perfect, tailor made Curacao activities for you. Ranging from a daytrip to Klein Curacao, a nice island tour per Jeep, bus or boat, an intimate encounter with dolphins or a beautiful hike in one of the nature parks. There is something for everyone on Curacao. You can find our tour desk in our hotel lobby offering the best Curacao activities. If you want to contact our Tour desk previous to your stay, you can contact them via e-mail.

Is the Avila Beach Hotel Wheelchair accessible?

The entire hotel is wheelchair accessible. Besides this, there are 3 specially equipped wheelchair accessible hotel rooms called “Extra Accessible Rooms”. Main entrance, pool, reception, beach and restaurants are accessible with a ramp, there are elevators available. Click here for more information about our wheelchair accessibility.

How is the weather on Curacao and what travel periods to Curacao do you recommend best weather wise?

Curacao offers great weather and high temperatures year round. The island is located outside the hurricane belt. Dry periods are March, April, May and June (0.78 in/20 mm average rainfall). July, August and September are on average the warmest months (max. 89°F/max. 32°C), January the coolest month (min. 76°F/min. 24°C). Is there ever rainy weather on Curacao? There isn’t much rain, but November and December are the wettest months (3.84 in/97 mm average rainfall), however still too dry to call it a rainy season. Curacao’s average temperature rests in the mid-80s°F/around 30°C all year. Click here for more info.