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10 reasons to participate in the KLM Marathon Curacao

When thinking of going to a tropical destination like Curacao, exercising is not the first thing that comes to mind. Still, Curacao is a very sporty island where many different sports events are hosted. One of these is the KLM Marathon Curacao – a race that takes you through some of the highlights of Curacao and a true must for marathon runners, worldwide. Ask any marathon runner for his experience on Curacao and although it’s though, you'll receive an avalanche of enthusiasm. Every year in late November this running event will be held and you can sign up for it online. To motivate you to do so, we give you ten reasons to participate in the KLM Marathon Curacao.

It has the best finish ever

The KLM Curacao Marathon will take you along some of the most stunning sights Curacao has to offer, but secretly you’ll be wishing you were already at the finish. That’s totally understandable. Not just because running in the Caribbean heat is intense, but because the finish is so incredibly awesome. You see, the finish is on a beach. On that beach, there’s a typical Caribbean after party going on. If the thought of ice cold cocktails and a well-deserved dip in the turquoise ocean doesn’t motivate you to keep going, we don’t know what will.

Combine sports with wellness

Curacao offers numerous possibilities when it comes to sport. Cycling, (wind)surfing, swimming and running are very popular sports on the island. The KLM Curacao Marathon is an international event and a challenge for every athlete. The various distances (from 5 to 42 kilometers) allow people of every skill level to participate. But of course it’s great to spend your time relaxing on a comfy beach bed as well. Curacao is also known for its great wellness resorts and spas for you to relax in. After running comes taking care of your body and mind in a more relaxing way; you will enjoy your well-deserved vacation even more.

Cross two iconic bridges

The route of the KLM Curacao Marathon runs along the sea and straight through Willemstad. Two unique highlights in Willemstad, the 56 meter high Juliana Bridge – which is normally only used by cars – and the world famous pontoon bridge on Curacao. It is a rare occasion to cross these iconic bridges while running.


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Register online for the KLM Curacao Marathon here


Handelskade by dawn

The handelskade is one of Curacao’s most famous places. It can get rather crowded during daytime and the evening, but in the early morning it’s very quiet and extra special. If you participate in the KLM Curacao Marathon, you get to discover this hidden gem during sunrise.

Support Run 4 School

The KLM Curacao Marathon collects money for a different charity each year. The proceeds of Run 4 School will go to a elementary school on Curacao. Participants are asked to donate whatever amount they see fit. Besides participating for yourself, you get to contribute to a better future for children on Curacao.

Various distances, not just the full marathon

Do not let the word marathon scare you. The KLM Curacao Marathon consists of five different distances, with the shortest being 5 kilometers and the longest being 42.2 kilometers long. This helps make the event accessible for athletes of any caliber. Also, participants are not required to run. Walking is an option too, as long as you make it in time for the after party!

Caribbean water stations

The trail runs along several hotels, including the Avila Beach Hotel (near start and finish KLM Curacao Marathon), some of which participate in the event. This is in the form of handing out water, a refreshing shower lane and uplifting music. In other words: everything to help you make it to the finish line.


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Pre Pasta Party

It is important to eat well the night before the race. Therefore, a pre pasta party will be on Curacao hosted with none other than Dutch Michelin chef (and marathon runner) Pascal Jalhay. This event is all about having a good time and everyone is welcome (you need a ticket, though), so bring your (running) pals!

After party at the beach

We have mentioned it before and would like to emphasize it again: you do not want to miss out on the after party at the beach at the finish. After the race, it is time to relax with your bare feet in the sand, a cocktail in your hand, surrounded by nice people (both locals and tourists) and festive Caribbean music in the background. During the after party, everyone is a winner.

Receive support in multiple languages

The KLM Curacao Marathon is an event with participants from all over the world. This means that there are spectators from all over the world as well. The KLM Curacao Marathon has a cheerful atmosphere, and local people really like to cheer for everyone. So do not be surprised if someone is cheering you on in an unfamiliar language; surely they are words of support. This marathon on Curacao will be your best time ever!

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