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5 Things to do at Curacao Mambo Beach

The Mambo beach area on Curacao is a popular tourist spot for decades. You can find it next to the Curacao Sea Aquarium and at a short 5-minute drive from the Avila Beach Hotel. Mambo beach on Curacao is part of the Sea Aquarium beach area and has a large two-story boulevard. At this one large strip near the shore you can find several things to do.  Here’s a compact guide on what to expect at Mambo Beach, which is far more than just a beach.


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When locals say they are going to Mambo beach, they mean to say they are heading to Sea Aquarium beach, and they will most probably spend their day at the center part of the Sea Aquarium beach.

Mambo beach is the most popular amongst teens, young adults, and families. At Mambo beach you can swim at multiple hotspots from west to east: Mood Beach, Cabana Beach, Wet & Wild Beach Club, Madero Ocean Club, Bonita Beach Club, Rilèks beach, Chill Beach Bar & Grill and LionsDive beach.


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At the Curacao Mambo Beach BLVD (a two-story boulevard constructed in 2015) on Curacao, you can enjoy all kinds of meals at numerous restaurants and beach bars.

The restaurants are very diverse and offer grilled specialties, sushi, fast food, Italian, Indian and even Mediterranean food.


Say cheers to your vacation or the weekend at the beach bars such as Chill, Bonita and Hemingway. Or, how about a fun and cozy Happy Hour, beach party, performance, or concert?

Mambo beach is your go-to spot. If you’re into Pool parties and DJ music, Madero and Cabana is the place to be(at)


When visiting Curacao Mambo Beach, you will find a nice collection of shops located at the first and second floor of the Mambo Beach BLVD.

The modern boutiques mainly offer beach wear and swimwear which you can try out immediately after purchasing it, as the beach is literally on their doorstep. You can also shop for souvenirs, piercings, and tattoos; one of the best tattoo artists, Byron’s Tattoo Shop, is located at Mambo as well.


Are you into a fun boat trip or diving trip? Would you like to see one of the island’s biggest radio stations Dolfijn FM? Or watch a big sports game?

Check, check, double check. Explore and enjoy it all at the Curacao Mambo Beach.

Curacao Mambo Beach is not known for its peace and quiet, but definitely worth a visit during your Curacao vacation.

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