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15 Most Insta-worthy Curacao hotspots

Taking pictures of your Caribbean vacation is not only fun. It’s a great way to store wonderful memories when going back home, to enjoy even years later. When publishing vacation photos online you’re in a way taking your online followers with you, and you might even inspire friends and family to travel abroad to the island of Curacao too. We are showing you the 10 best photo hotspots to show off your Curacao vacation on Instagram.

Queen Emma (Pontoon) Bridge and Handelskade

The “swinging old lady” as we sometimes call it, is one of the most iconic landmarks which Curacao is famous for. With the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Handelskade, as a backdrop you can never go wrong. People will definitely double tap this on Instagram as all those colors will surely blow them away. It’s beautiful by day, sunset and by night, so it doesn’t really matter at what time you’re heading to downtown Willemstad. On Thursday evenings it’s more vibrant than other evenings, due to the weekly Punda Vibes event.

Grote Knip

This beach is the most famous one on Curacao to photograph and truly looks like a postcard. Grote Knip is mostly popular on “the gram” because of the fifty shades of blue. Combine a visit to Grote Knip with a few other gorgeous beaches nearby in Westpunt, such as Kleine Knip, Playa Lagun, Playa Piskado (sea turtles and the Neptune statue) and Playa Kalki.

The view on Christoffel Mountain

On top of the highest mountain on Curacao, the Christoffel Mountain, you’ll have an amazing 360-degree view of the island. Head to Westpunt early in the morning when climbing this mountain, because otherwise it is too warm. Keep your eyes open when going uphill because you might bump into a deer or encounter the largest bird of prey in Curacao, the Warawara.

Scharloo murals

Curacao is a great island with a very diverse cultural side. If you are a lover of art than you have to visit Scharloo (or Skalo as locals call it) where there is a colorful landscape of murals. A neighborhood in between the lively Pietermaai District and Punda (the historic city center of Willemstad). Here you will find beautiful artwork by local talents Garrick Marchena, Francis Sling and Alex Da Silva. You can go there on your own or you can join a guided walking or bicycle tour. Definitely combine a street art visit with a brunch or lunch at the trendy Beyglz or Fleur de Marie Eatery. An upcoming artsy neighborhood is the nearby Ser'i Otrobanda; look for the colored stairs and the large Sunú mural.

Klein Curacao

Picture this. You. On a boat. With the wind in your hair. The sun on your bun. Turquoise water. A sea turtle floating at the surface gasping for air. A white sandy beach in the back. Or maybe the astonishing lighthouse. Either way, these photos will rock your feed. There are multiple ways of going to this uninhabited island; by Catamaran, motorized boat and Sailing boat. We recommend going there with either a Catamaran or Sailing boat to have super relax return trip. Plus those are more good-looking on camera if you ask us. If you’re really lucky you’ll spot some dolphins on your way.

Shete Boka National Park

If you love the sound of the sea and of the ocean crushing against the rocky shore, this is the place to be. The park begins at the famous Boka Tabla inlet where huge and unpredictable waves beat against an underground cave. Boka Pistol is also quite unique where big waves burst into the sky like water firing 100 feet in the air like a huge explosion. Shete Boka is Curacao’s biggest National Park and offers phenomenal panoramic overviews from the flat limestone hills and a truly raw power of nature.

Santa Martha’s lookout

When you think of a tropical island like Curacao with so many beaches you won’t expect that there are beautiful inland bays as well. The most unique views are to be found at the Santa Martha lookout where you can oversee the Santa Martha Bay. This off the beaten path location will surely be a big hit when posting, as the shape of the bay, colors of the landscape and tranquil surrounding is spectacular. While you’re there anyway, visit Landhuis Klein Santa Martha to satisfy your appetite. You’ll be treated to a good view here as well.

Koraal Rooftop’s infinity pool

Koraal Rooftop is located in Coral Estate, together with the popular beach and restaurant Karakter and luxury Spa 8 the Experience. Curacao offers multiple infinity pools but our favorite one is this one because hanging on the edge of this one offers stunning blue colors of the ocean in the background. Their cocktails are pretty awesome too, so you might want to combine those two when striking a pose. Pick your preferred time of day; we can recommend either mornings (because it’s quiet) and sunset time.

Avila Beach Hotel’s observer tower

The observer tower at the far end of the Ocean Front Blues wing is what’s Curacao about. Beautiful ocean views, cruise ships that are passing by, waving palm trees and the classical ambiance of one of the famous hotels on the island. This iconic observer tower offers great views during the day but especially during sunset time, this is the most romantic place to be. Enjoy a massage. Order a bottle of champagne and cheers to the good life. Or a new chapter, as there are many marriage proposals here.

Underwater selfie at Tugboat boat wreck

Curacao isn’t just spectacular above sea level. Immerse yourself below sea level to be truly in heaven. Don’t just go to Tugboat but also dive under the pier just off Tugboat Beach. Here you’ll be treated to octopuses, sea horses and much more. You can snorkel and dive your way around here, but you can also move around by SeaBob; your own personal water sled.

Kokomo swing

"Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to. Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego. Baby why don't we go
Ooh I wanna take you down to Kokomo
We'll get there fast. And then we'll take it slow
That's where we wanna go. Way down in Kokomo"

Did you know that the Beach Boys actually sang about Curacao? ;) Kokomo is where you wanna go. For the Kokomo swing that is. Solo or together with your loved one. You will love it here, and your friends will love it online.

Porto Marie piggy’s

Porto Marie was always popular due to their white sandy beaches, double reef and clear blue sea, but since there are super tame and very photogenic pigs it really skyrocket. Take a snapshot of these cuties and show them some love, in real life and online. If you pass by Jan Kok on your way, make a quick stop at the salt plains to greet a few Flamingos. That way you’ll have two beautiful animals on camera.

La Bohème

Great for breakfast (we are fan of their smoothies) and especially fun on Thursday evenings during Punda Vibes. This cute little Bistro is run by a Chilean family and their ambiance has a South American and Cuban feel. La Bohème is very vintage, tasty and extremely picturesque.

Pietermaai District

This neighborhood has it all and therefore is one of the most popular new hotspots on Curacao! Scenic restaurants, cute bars, colorful buildings, historic spots; it’s all here. What’s the best spot to capture for “the gram”? We are in doubt between the old buildings with art, the many alleys or the color popping houses. What would be your pick?

The “Curacao” sign in Willemstad

It may be a bit corny, but letting people know that you’re in Curacao is the easiest by showing them the Curacao sign at Queen Wilhelmina Park. The oversized letters are painted in the exact colors of the Curacao flag, including the two little stars on the letter C. Hang, lay down in of the letters or jump; show all of us your love for the island of Curacao just the way you like it. While you’re there it is convenient to also take one with the nearby “Dushi” sign.

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