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10 Best Events on Curacao

The biggest charm of Curacao is the versatility of the island. Not only when it comes to the many beaches and beautiful locations, but also the events it has to offer. Besides the annual events, there are many other organized events throughout the year. Think of concerts, theater performances and stand-up comedy. Curacao is known as a festive island with a cultural heart, and that’s with good reason. We hereby gladly show you why.

Curacao North Sea Jazz

The North Sea Jazz festival is a true household name in the Netherlands and on Curacao. As the name suggests, jazz plays a big part at this festival but it certainly isn’t limited to one genre. The Curacao North Sea Jazz festival is very popular among young and old. The festival has been a host to many famous artists such as Alicia Keys, John Legend, Stevie Wonder and Juan Luis Guerra, but it also gives the stage to new talent. The Curacao North Sea Jazz festival is the place to be for any music lover.


If there’s one thing Curacao loves, it’s carnival. The streets turn into a stage for graceful dances and summer clothes are replaced by colorful costumes with of course lots of music. Carnival on Curacao is an event you simply can’t ignore. That’s good, because you wouldn’t want to miss it either.

KLM Curacao Marathon

This annual international sporting event is a true spectacle for spectators and participants. Besides the full marathon, there are several distances that can be walked or ran by young and old. The trail runs along some highlights (sometimes literally) of Curacao, such as the 56 meters high Juliana Bridge. The finish of the KLM Curacao Marathon is on a beach nearby the Avila Beach Hotel where the end of the race is celebrated with a Caribbean after party. If you are a true marathon runner, you will definitely have your best time ever on Curacao.


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Pietermaai Pagara XXL

There is no better place to ring in the New Year than in Pietermaai on Curacao. This colorful neighborhood is the cultural heart of the island and the place where you want to be during New Year’s Eve. Fireworks are used to scare off demons from the past and to welcome the New Year. Pretty much every bar and restaurant in the area contribute to the Pagara event to make it as great as it is. This fireworks party however, is the largest one of the island and also the most popular one, amongst locals and tourists, with numerous stages with live music, street food and coziness on every street corner in downtown Willemstad. Let go and get lost in this festive neighborhood during this Pietermaai Pagara XXL event.


The first Sunday of the year on Curacao is known as Fuikdag. During this special event, everyone gathers in Fuik bay on anything that floats (boats, jet skis, air mattresses and inflatable animals). This is how the New Year is celebrated once again, this time on the water – entirely in Caribbean style. It’s only possible to reach Fuik by a boat, so it is recommended to arrange your transport far in advance.

Curacao Masters: Pro-Am Golf Tournament

This international tournament invites professional golfers for a serious game of golf on Curacao. Are you a fan of golf and want to see it played at a very high level or wish to participate yourself? Then the Curacao Masters event is just what you’re looking for. Looking for accommodation in the period of this event? Look for hotels on Curacao that offer golf discounts. Numerous hotels (including the Avila Beach Hotel) have special packages or offer special discounts to Curacao golf courses.

Heineken Regatta

The Heineken Regatta is a spectacular international regatta at sea. During and after the race, there’s plenty to do on the mainland as well (although, Curacao remains an island). There are many organized parties during the Heineken Regatta, including performances by internationally known artists. In other words: this is an event for any sailing enthusiast and anyone else, really.

Pasta e Basta

The idea behind Pasta e Basta is simple: delicious Italian food and drinks, served by singing waiters. The singing is as varied as the food, ranging from opera to pop music. The concept originated in Amsterdam and has spilled over to the Avila Beach Hotel on Curacao more than a decade ago. This special event is romantic for couples and lots of fun for families and larger groups. Grab a seat during Pasta e Basta and you are guaranteed to have a very unique dining experience.

Plein Air

During the Plein Air festival, painters present their interpretation/art of Curacao in the form of a painting. The air, land and sea play important roles in these paintings. Some paintings are made underwater while others are painted on top of a mountain. The goal of the Plein Air festival is to capture the beauty of Curacao and to distribute these paintings worldwide through sales. In addition, workshops are given for (prospective) artists. Plein Air Curacao; a must for art lovers.


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Culinary events: Flavors, Curacao Culinair, Pietermaai Proeft

Curacao has so many local dishes to offer that it’s almost impossible to try them all. To make this a little bit easier, various culinary events are organized on the island. During the Flavors event, you get to taste what some of the best restaurants in Curacao have to offer. During Curacao Culinair you get to enjoy delicious appetizers and small bites from the best restaurants on Curacao – all gathered in one beautiful location at Landhuis Chobolobo. The well-known cultural district Pietermaai on Curacao obviously can’t stay behind when it comes to food. Enjoy a variety of mini dishes from local restaurants on a splendid location completed with live music. All culinary events have multiple elements in common besides good food: a very cozy atmosphere, live music and bars offering both tasty and good looking drinks.

Photo: Helmi Smeulders

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