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What To Look For When Booking A Vacation During The Coronavirus Crisis?

The Coronavirus crisis will end. Travelers will once again pack their bags to go see the world and feel free and alive again. A peak in traveling is already expected when this all has passed. Planning for that diffusing escape, however, requires a little different approach than pre-pandemic. What are the do’s and don’ts when planning your vacation during the Coronavirus crisis?

Look for Flights and Accommodations that offer Flexible Cancelation Policies

So you are stuck at home and planning a vacation to have something to look forward to. Great! Rule number one is to look for flights and accommodations that offer flexible cancelation policies.

Risk-free bookings and the possibility of modifying your travel date are important elements to look for. Only book with confidence knowing that you are not locked into reservations.

The plus side of finding hotels and airlines offering this is that you’re probably not only covered due to the happenings around COVID-19, but also to other circumstances that you are normally not automatically are protected for (family related issues, health issues etc.). It may also save you extra costs when purchasing travel insurance.

Search for Specials

The reason why now truly is the time to book your vacation instead of waiting for things to calm down, is due to the discounts and specials that airlines and hotels are offering. The Corona crisis is making travel cheaper.

The savviest travelers are seizing this opportunity to take advantage of cheap travel deals on hotels and airlines. The best specials are often offered directly via the airlines and hotel websites.

The bonus when booking your vacation now is that you are also supporting the heavily affected Travel Industry. It is a win-win situation.

Select a Tropical destination with Warm Temperatures

Knowing that the Coronavirus isn’t much around in warm surroundings like the Caribbean is a trusted sign.

It never hurts selecting a tropical escape that’s sun-drenched year-round as warm weather may slow COVID-19 spread, and cooler weather may accelerate it.

Playing it safe, also for future references, is always a smart move.


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Choose a Hotel that has a Good Reputation

Still, now more than ever, it’s critical to keep a close eye on hygiene.

Choosing a 4- or 5-star hotel or resort with a good (online) reputation and all sorts of cleaning procedures and standards might also give you a better sense of comfort and cleanliness.

Accommodations that are trustworthy and stable in their quality level for years or even decades are elements to keep your eye on.

Opt a Destination that offers lots of Outdoor Activities and Nature  

When being stuck at home, you are probably dreaming of laying on a tropical beach, standing on top of a mountain, exploring a national park and/or enjoying breathtaking scenic views.

Therefore, look for destinations that offer precisely that, or better yet offer it all! Hidden Caribbean gem such as Curacao offers quiet yet white sandy beaches and a turquoise ocean, a Christoffel Mountain with a stunning view, stunning underwater world, breathtaking views, and National Parks.

Now of all times is the moment to look for such a destination.

Look for a Travel Destination Outside the Hurricane Belt

It looks like the next best moment to travel is right during hurricane season (June through December).

When the coronavirus crisis has passed, the last thing you want is to cancel or postpone your plans due to a hurricane that’s visiting.

Therefore, mark your arrows on destinations like the ABC-islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) that are conveniently located outside the hurricane belt, filled with sunny days mixed with cool trade winds and azure blue oceans.

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