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What is your Travel Personality?

What’s the best fit for my Vacation needs? And what type of Accommodation would fit your vacation personality best. Which Caribbean island would be a good fit? And when selected an island, where can I best stay?

When you have chosen the Caribbean as your next travel destination, this must be one of the most frequently asked questions. Completely logical, since the Caribbean islands are so full of differences. Because there are several types of travelers and different needs the answer varies. Do you have Curacao on your radar but are you in doubt if the island would be a fit for you (and your travel company)? Let’s take a look at the following travel personalities that would be a perfect fit for Curacao.  

The Cultural Explorer

This type of traveler seeks constant opportunities to embrace, discover, and immerse oneself in the entire experience of the culture. It’s about mixing trips to historic sites, discovering new and quirky places.

You look for the unusual, off-the-beaten path, and enjoy trying new things, interacting with locals, indulging life to the fullest and discovering the real heart of the populace.

You genuinely wish to know everything about the country that you’re visiting and its inhabitants. You want to be fully immersed in your travel experience and tend to stay away from group tours and rigid plans.

Photo: Artist Francis Sling 

What does Curacao offer for the Cultural Explorer?

Lots of museums, (street) art, an abundance of restaurants and bars with a local feel and sound. Kind local people who enjoy telling you everything about their beloved island and culture. Atypical for the Caribbean, Curacao has a rather peculiar history and still has its authentic heart. There’s no mass-tourism, so you’ll notice the cultural side of the island easily; no digging or heavy searching required.  

Type of Accommodation

We recommend staying at a family owned resort with an authentic heart or a (historic) boutique hotel. Choose a centrally located accommodation so you’re in the midst of it all. Pietermaai is a district filled with history yet perfectly safe.

The Gentle Explorer 

You like returning to past destinations and you prefer the comforts of home. When you travel, it should feel safe and familiar. You seek the most comfortable places and avoid the unknown.

Guided tours that take care of all the details appeal to you. Traveling should be fun, not extra work! And if it is fun, chances are you'll be back. You enjoy being pampered while away.


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What does Curacao offer for the Gentle Explorer?

Curacao is one of the safest islands of the Caribbean. The island is well-developed, people speak multiple languages (English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamentu), so it is not a lost case if you only speak English or if you don’t speak English at all. Curacao also offers great weather 365 days a year and is below the hurricane belt! With fun tours and activities, lots of nature (also underwater) and loads of unique and tasty restaurants and bars Curacao is a match made in heaven.

Type of Accommodation

Luxury resorts are high on your list. To fill your need for an authentic, real and unique experience and actual interaction with local people we recommend choosing a hotel that’s close to the local community and that’s great in service and pampering their hotel guests, but also offers 4 or 5 star quality. A resort with a good spa & gym and enough restaurants and bars onsite as well as within walking distance. Choose a hotel with a tour desk and car rental onsite, so that you can easily book your tailor-made tours or car.

The No Hassle Traveler 

Searches for relaxation and simplicity while enjoying a worry-free vacation. You favor spending time with family and friends and things are rarely planned in advance.

Along the way, you hope to see and expose your travel companions to the beauty of natural scenery and different cultures by having social interactions with locals. You are open-minded and energetic.


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What does Curacao offer for the No Hassle Traveler?

Curacao offers great festivals, museums, tons of tours & activities, and pure and serene nature. The island is a perfect getaway from everyday stresses and responsibilities. Because Curacao is not crowded, tours & activities are mostly available last minute. With lots of National Parks and beautiful pristine beaches you will certainly enjoy your time on Curacao. You might even make some new friends with our happy-go-lucky locals.

Type of Accommodation

Choose a hotel that’s famous for its tranquility during the day and a love for cultural events (concerts & theater shows) in the evening. Look for a spot where you have plenty of space and nooks to relax, lounge and re-connect with your travel companions. Make your stay hassle free by going for a resort or (boutique) hotel that is known for their great service.

Are you a No Hassle Traveler with kids? Choose your apartment wisely and make sure it's beachfront and offers a fully equipped kitchen but also offers multiple restaurants and activities within walking distance. Trust us, you'll thank us later!

The Foodie 

Travelling isn’t about fulfilling an empty stomach in the nearest McDonald’s. Trying the local cuisine is a big part of your travel experience. The Foodie eats anything and everything.

Thanks to a serious love for food they are looking for authentic culinary experiences and explore different cultures through their cuisines. Foodies roam the streets, ask the locals and find true joy in their choice of food or eateries.

Photo: Caribbean Spice Girl


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What does Curacao offer for The Foodie?

The reason why there are not much All-Inclusive hotels on Curacao is because of the abundance of (picturesque) restaurants and bars. Food is an extremely important part of the Curacao culture and you could fill your entire day tasting great food here and there. Think about food trucks, local authentic establishments but also high-end restaurants and trendy cocktail bars. Super Instagrammable spots, but also pop-up restaurants and charming hidden gems that you sometimes won’t even find online.

Type of Accommodation

A boutique hotel or B&B where you only sleep, because you are on the road most of the time. Or, a hotel where good food is high on their list of priorities. Whatever you do, go for a centrally located accommodation that is surrounded with restaurants & bars. Choose lodging with lots of local staff since locals give the best insider food tips.

The Photographers

These travelers are easy to recognize; you will always find them with their camera or smartphone. These types of travelers do all it takes to take breathtaking pictures and they travel to capture their surroundings.

Nature, food, (UNESCO world heritage) sites & monuments, art or the people; everything that’s beautiful to the eye of the camera.

Some try to capture the natural beauty and Instagram them to create beautiful stories. Others just want to make sure that their holiday has lasting memories.

What does Curacao offer for The Photographers?

Curacao is one of the most colorful places on the planet which makes it a top Photogenic vacation spot. You won’t find one row of houses or buildings in a grey or some other dull color. Everything is color popping; from the monuments and country houses to the bright colors of the Handelskade (UNESCO world heritage site). The sea is crystal clear, the beaches are wonderfully white, and the sunny weather makes a filter continuously unnecessary.

Type of Accommodation

Go for an Accommodation that’s super photogenic. Curacao has resorts and boutique hotels that are super Instagrammable. Some even functioned for photoshoots by international renowned magazines such as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Pick a spot where you can enjoy (and capture) the magical sunsets and endless views to the sea. Believe us that it is worth your buck to choose an oceanfront room or apartment when going for Curacao.

The Adventure Travelers (and Backpackers)  

Backpackers are the kind of travelers who adore exploring different destinations and prefer independent travelling with low budget.

Adventure travelers are those who love going on trips with lots of nature and doing active physical activities and exploring new experiences.

You don’t mind travelling alone, but you love meeting people and making friends along the way.

What does Curacao offer for Adventure Travelers (and Backpackers)?

Curacao alone is not the kind of destination to explore by backpack. However, you could explore the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) with your backpack. On Curacao there are remote locations with the particular purpose of doing active physical activities and exploring new experiences. You will be happy to explore the island’s National Parks for instance. Active physical activities like abseiling the Juliana Bridge, climbing the Christoffel Mountain, discover the underwater world and exploring the salt planes are things worth doing. There are lots of bars and clubs where young locals are to be found, and it’s easy to connect with locals. Almost all beach bars offer happy hours where you can enjoy drinks at a discounted rate, and food trucks & snèks are not only a fun experience to understand the lifestyle of a local, but they’re also inexpensive.

Type of Accommodation

Go for cheap apartments, student accommodations if you’re traveling a longer period, or pick a hostel. They are mostly intimate, and some offer a shared room and therefore (cozy) roommates. There is a Bed & Bike hostel and First Curacao Hostel in the lively Pietermaai area that’s ideal for students, youngsters and backpackers.

The Party Goer 

These are the travelers who prefer travelling just for fun and parties. Their favorite destinations are the bars and clubs and special (EDM) events.

Beach hopping during the day, bar hopping and partying in the evening are the perfect activities to fill your vacation days.


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What does Curacao offer for the Party Goer?

Curacao houses lots of bars, clubs, happy hours and even special EDM events and even (free) concerts. If you are a party animal by hearth then you have to go to Curacao when there are the following special events: SuLegria, The Flying Dutch, Tabula Rasa, Full Moon Party, Amnesia, Nachtwerk. Fuikdag is the epic highlight, even for many famous party goers. Imagine yourself on a boat or floatie with a group of friends, a drink in your hand and good music from several DJ’s who are also on a boat. DJ’s who are known to perform on Curacao are HARDWELL, Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Sunnery James, to name a few!

Type of Accommodation

Search for a hotel in a lively area that has a great beach to recover from the hangover but also the opportunity to go bar hopping by foot. Also, choose a resort that has plenty of onsite bars and happy hours and that offers an All-Inclusive option. If you’re a “sophisticated” party goer, then look for a resort that has great mixologists behind their hotel bars and a decent cocktail, gin & tonic and wine list.

The Recharge Retreaters

Going away from the hustle-bustle with serious goals to relax in quiet, alone or with a friend or your partner, without any planning or things to see and do on the lists.

Recharging from everyday life is the pure and sole goal of this type of traveler.


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What does Curacao offer for the Recharge Retreaters?

Curacao offers some awesome resorts to relax and rejuvenate in luxury. The island also offers a few awesome spa’s and wellness options. Of course, one of the 35 captivating and beautiful beaches are a perfect way to escape the hectic life and Curacao is a textbook place because there isn’t any mass-tourism like in some of the other Caribbean islands. Curacao is the perfect hidden gem to charge your battery.

Type of Accommodation

Go for a resort with a quiet hotel beach, spa and type of guests that are trying to achieve the same thing you are: taking in some serious R&R. Go for a hotel that has plenty of onsite restaurants offering good quality food, friendly service and perhaps a few nice restaurants on walking distance so you are completely flexible in making your spontaneous dinner plans. Pick a hotel that provides outdoor relax massages, Pilates or yoga classes and perhaps a gym and you’re good to go completely AWOL.

The Budget Conscious Travelers 

You book your flights and hotels way in advance because you know that’s what money savers do, and always pick the cheapest airline and economy airline seat.

You don’t mind staying in small apartments, sharing a bunk bed with strangers in a hostel or consuming mediocre food. Seeing more places and taking longer trips are more important to you then any type of luxury.

Avoiding to spend money is simply something that this super saver is getting a kick out.

What does Curacao offer for the Budget Conscious travelers?

If you're looking to travel to the tropics on a budget, Curacao is consistently ranked as one of the most affordable islands in the Caribbean. While prices do increase during high season (mid-December to the beginning of May), they reduce again during the summer and fall. Book via the hotel website rather than through or Expedia for example. It is often cheaper at the hotel itself because of the many extras that are offered for free.

Type of Accommodation

Go for a hostel or pick a small apartment or B&B or go All-Inclusive if you don’t care much about the cozy restaurants and bars the island has to offer. Subscribe for newsletters and follow your accommodations that are on your radar via social media to see if they have specials. Also make sure that you are traveling when there aren’t any big events and search for a B&B or apartment that’s conveniently located near a supermarket.

The Typical Tourists or Sightseer

This Sightseer is laidback, easygoing, and carefree. Trust this kind of traveler to stick to the sites where the destination is widely known for. The typical touristy tours and activities are booked by them and they will throw in a high jump for the obligatory vacation photo while they’re at it.

You will recognize the Typical Tourist with a city map in their hand or a Tour guide in front of them. This type of traveler will make sure that none of the island’s must-sees and must-dos are missed. They prefer a more structured, predictable life and leave little room for spontaneity.

What does Curacao offer for the Typical Tourists?

Curacao is perfectly safe and convenient to explore for the cookie cutter person. The Handelskade (UNESCO world heritage site Curacao), Grote Knip beach, Klein Curacao and the sea turtles at Playa Piskado must be on your to-do list. In all fairness, Curacao has a few tourists’ spots that are not to be missed by any type of traveler. The fun part about Curacao is that there aren’t real tourist traps so you can’t go wrong here!

Type of Accommodation

Definitely choose a hotel that’s in the midst of (or within walking distance from) several tourist attractions and street art. Go for a hotel that has been around for a long time and that has steady good reviews so your chances of a good stay are the highest. Or choose a resort that’s been referred to by your friends and family who visited Curacao already. Get the most bang for your buck and don’t settle in facilities or luxury just because it is a little cheaper. Curacao hotel rates are very affordable in comparison to other Caribbean island’s Average Daily Rates, and a carefree hotel stay goes a long way. You will be so much happier on Curacao when choosing a room with a sea view.

The Urban Traveler

This no-nonsense traveler knows what they are doing. They look slick, smooth and sharp at all times. They love everything about city life; bright lights, museums, trendy restaurants and bars, architecture and culture.

They prefer to live life to the max and travel often; work hard, play hard.

What does Curacao offer for the Urban Traveler?

Despite that you have a huge love for everything that a big city has to offer, you will definitely fall in love with the small island of Curacao. Why you might ask? Curacao has beautiful architecture and land houses, a rich culture and (street) art, an array of insta-worthy restaurants and bars, and even some shopping. Roam the streets of the Pietermaai District which is known as the "SoHo" of Curacao, observe locals and tourists from one of the terraces in downtown and just immerse yourself in the island’s dynamic rhythm. This district even has the deep alleyways you love.

Type of Accommodation

An Urban Traveler by heart can only lodge in the lively Pietermaai District. Look for a resort or hotel that is as sharp as you are and that shares your love for food, culture, and art. There even are beachfront resorts in the Pietermaai area so you can combine the Caribbean feel with the lively city vibes.

The Good Planner

They travel around with good planning and according to set schedules. This traveler does not believe in serendipity and loves traveling to any destination, but in an organized way.

This type of traveler reads lots of blogs, travel websites, and talks to friends and family members before choosing and booking their destination.

What does Curacao offer for the Good Planner?

A little side note to begin with; you might be a good planner but to some locals this word is not part of their vocabulary. Therefore, make sure that you are booking your tours via your hotel or a tours and activity company as they know which tours aren’t running on island time. Curacao is a small island, so you don’t have to take in account many hours of traveling between all the various sights and excursions. Don’t schedule everything to tight though. Curacao has so many hidden treasures, it would be a pity to skip a point of interest just because you didn’t plan for it. Click here to do some significant desk research beforehand.

Type of Accommodation

For the Good Planner, hassle free is key. Resorts and hotels with a good online reputation is what you must look for. Luckily, the Good Planner knows his or her way around on Google and TripAdvisor and is an expert in finding 360° island and hotel tours. Go for a hotel that is centrally located and just follow your gut-feeling.

The Solo Traveler 

If you're a seasoned pro, you'll likely have a reasonable sense of self-confidence and a desire for adventure. Solo travelers don’t need to have a Single status per se. Solo travelers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities – and there are many reasons why people find more pleasure in solo travel than group trips.

The Solo Traveler is looking for freedom and time for reflection and are often looking for destinations that are safe enough to explore alone and go to places where they can meet others if they feel like it.

What does Curacao offer for the Solo Traveler?

Curacao offers a tranquil backdrop as well as a safe surrounding. Especially if you are a female solo traveler it is important to feel comfortable. Curacao is perfect to do some relaxing on a beautiful beach reading a good book with a piña colada in your hand. It is perfectly safe to do some sightseeing in downtown, Pietermaai and the street art in Scharloo; all is available to explore by foot. Enjoy me-time at one of the awesome spas, enjoy the delicious culinary treats that Curacao has to offer or meet locals or other tourist during one of the many Happy Hours. The plus side when traveling alone is that you’re unconsciously willing to connect more with the locals. Fortunately, communicating is easy as English is one of the official languages of the island following Dutch, Spanish and Papiamentu. While exploring Curacao you will definitely run into some pretty cool people. Perhaps even artists, musicians, writers or other people who you have a similar interest with. Curacao locals can be very welcoming and new friends are made easily here.

Type of Accommodation

Search for an accommodation where you have an instant connection with. Is it art, culture, history, music, photography, food? Find that common denominator at your hotel, resort, apartment or boutique hotel, and ask their staff for helpful tips in that same area of interest. You and Curacao will certainly be a match made in heaven that way. Make sure that your accommodation is in a lively/populated area so you can easily and safely find your way back after a long day exploring.

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