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A Comprehensive Guide of all Flights to Curacao

One of the most underrated Caribbean destinations is getting easier to reach. With a newly renovated airport and an increasing number of flights to Curacao every week, it’s no longer inconvenient to reach this island paradise.

To make the process of planning a trip even simpler, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide of all flights to Curacao. Read on for detailed flight information, including departure cities, airlines, and some helpful timing tips!

In total there are 20 airlines flying from and to Curacao. KLM, TUI, JetBlue, Air Canada, American Airlines, and Avianca are some of the major airlines with service to Curacao. Bear in mind that the cheapest days to fly are generally Tuesday and Wednesday. Let’s explore the direct departure cities from which you can choose with a starting fare estimate for a round trip.

United States

JetBlue and American Airlines fly from these three cities (JetBlue from NYC; American from Miami and Charlotte), and while neither Miami nor Charlotte has restrictions on certain days for direct flights, New York does.

  • Miami (MIA) — $275 (3 hour flight, daily service), 2 flights a day
  • New York (JFK) — $372 (4 hour 45 minute flight, nonstop only on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays)
    Note: During September and October 2019, we will have twice weekly service from JFK rather than 3x a week service.
  • Charlotte (CLT) — $625 (4 and a half hour flight), 1 flight a week
    Note: During September and October 2019 there will not be a direct flight from Charlotte to Curacao.
  • Newark (EWR) — $317 (4 hour flight), 1 flight a week every Saturday
    Note: Only during winter season, as of December 7, 2019

Of course, you can still fly to Curacao from other cities, you will just have to schedule a layover into the trip.


Air Canada and Westjet services these cities, and only offers direct flights from Toronto to Curacao on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

  • Montreal (YUL) — C$656 (7 and a half hour flight), 1 flight a week
  • Toronto (YYZ) — C$682 (5 hour flight, nonstop only on Sundays)
    As of December 18, 2019 Air Canada will be flying 4x a week rather than 3x week

South America

As one would expect, the flight times to Curacao get significantly shorter when coming from Colombia or Suriname. Avianca, FlyAlways, Copa Airlines, Surinam Airways are the airlines with service to Curacao from these cities, Avior services to Caracas.

  • Bogota (BOG) — $363 (2 hour 15 minute flight), 1+ flights a day
  • Paramaribo (PBM) — $299 (2 and a half hour flight), 4 flights a week
  • Panama City (PTY) — $449 (2 hour flight), 1 flight a day
  • Caracas (CCS) — $400 (50 minute flight), 3 flights a week

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Aruba (Divi Divi, EZ Air, Aruba Airlines, WinAir) and Bonaire (Divi Divi, EZ Air, Aruba Airlines, WinAir) are little more than a jump from Curacao, making the flight times incredibly short. Flights from Sint Maarten (Winair), Santo Domingo (Copa, Fly Always), and Haiti, Port of Prince (Winair) and Trinidad, Port of Spain (Surinam Airlines) are a bit longer but still manageable.

  • Oranjestad (AUA) — $195 (40 minute flight), 2+ flights a day
  • Kralendijk (BON) — $144 (30 minute flight), 1+ flight a day
  • Sint Maarten (SXM) — $402 (2 hour 15 minute flight), 2 flights a day
  • Santo Domingo (SDQ) — $422 (1 hour 20 minute flight), 4 flights a week
  • Port of Prince (PAP) — $400 (2 hour 15 minute flight), 3 flights a week
  • Port of Spain (POS) — $386 (1 hour 30 minute flight), 5 flights a week


Both KLM and TUI fly to Curacao from Amsterdam year-round, several times a day with nonstop service. Frankfurt, however, only receives nonstop flights to Curacao with Condor during the winter months on Wednesdays.

  • Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) — $556 (9 hour 45 minute flight), 2+ flight a day
  • Frankfurt (FRA) — $522 (12 hour flight, nonstop only on Wednesdays)


Unless otherwise specified, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a flight to Curacao from any of these departure sites any day of the week, often with a range of available times.

Thanks to this wide array of connected cities, it’s never been easier for vacationers looking to drop out on one of the most beautiful places on Earth to do just that. Plus, Curacao’s newly renovated airport means it’s a comfortable gateway for visitors to pass through.

Whether travelers are coming from New York, Amsterdam, or just across the Caribbean, there’s a flight to accommodate them through to Curacao.

Travel tip

To speed things up considerably at the Curacao customs, you can fill out the ED card online. The Embarkation-Disembarkation (ED) Card is a card that every non-resident visitor to Curacao needs to fill out before going through immigration. This is the card you normally fill out on the plane and then present with your passport on entering the island. This way you are screened somewhat ahead of time and will have the advantage of taking a different (shorter) line when arriving on Curacao.

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