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10 things not to forget when packing for your sun, sea & sand vacation

Prior to a relaxing summer vacation, many people experience a short moment of stress: testing, packing your suitcase, finalizing work things etc. Preparing for a vacation is often done just a bit later than planned, it takes a little more time, and you’re unable to find everything you need. You’re bound to forget something. To help you on your way, we have made an overview of essential things to bring on your vacation to Curacao.


The most important thing to bring is your passport. You won’t even be able to leave the airport of your departure without it, which most likely is quite the distance from Curacao. You may need your passport during your holiday as well, for example when checking in at your hotel or when renting a car.


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Visa / ED-card & Other Documents

As a foreign visitor, you will need to fill in an ED-card or temporary visa to enter Curacao. Most airline companies distribute these well in advance during the flight to Curacao. Fill in your ED-card online before you depart via this website.

Due to the corona virus you will be needing more documents to travel and enter the island. For example a PLC card and depending on the country you are traveling from, you may also need a PCR test or Antigen test. Please visit this government website for an up to date overview on which documents/tests are needed.


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Driver’s license

Like many other destinations, Curacao is a great island to explore by car. To rent a car, you need a driver’s license. In addition, your driver’s license can also be used as your ID, which is always useful to carry with you.

Even if your hotel is surrounded with great restaurants, bars and beaches, there so so much to see and do spread over the island. You don't want to miss that!

Swim wear & flip flops

Sun, sea and sand requires swimwear. Chances are your swimwear is the first thing you’ll wear and will also be the most worn piece of clothing during your vacation. There are many shops to complement your wardrobe so there’s no need to panic if you forget to bring your bikini or swim shorts, but you’re going to need it either way. Your outfit to the beach isn’t complete without a pair of flip flops.


Curacao is pretty much always sunny. To protect your skin from the bright sun, sunscreen is absolutely necessary. Sunburn is not only bad for your health, it can also really ruin your holiday. To prevent this from happening, we recommend sunscreen factor 50. Tip: bring your sunscreen in your suitcase (not your hand luggage) because otherwise it probably won’t be allowed through customs.

When lodging at the Avila Beach Hotel you don't need to bring your own sunscreen as the hotel provides complimentary reef safe sunscreen.

Mosquito repellent

When the sun goes down, mosquitoes come to life – even in paradise. To keep the mosquitoes at a distance, we highly recommend mosquito repellent. On Curacao you can even buy natural mosquito repellent, such as one that is based on the aloe vera plant and is made at the Aloe Vera Plantation on Curacao.


The bright sun on Curacao doesn’t only pose a risk to the skin, but also to the eyes. The cornea is vulnerable, but it’s also easy to protect. A good pair of sunglasses with an UV filter offers complete protection to the eyes. Besides, when wearing sunglasses, you won’t have to walk around with squeezed eyes all day. If you do not have proper sunglasses or forgot them you can buy well priced quality brand sunglasses on Curacao in one of the many stores.

We recommend sunglasses with polarized glasses since all the colors and shades of blue of the sea will pop perfectly!

Power plug adapter

To make sure you can charge your digital devices (photo camera, phone, laptop, et cetera) in the comfort of your own hotel room, it is recommended to bring a power plug adapter to Curacao. The Avila Beach Hotel offers 220 and 110 volts in most rooms. More information can be found in the room descriptions.

Telephone and charger

Your phone is probably your most versatile device; you use it to take pictures, look up information, plan a route, keep in touch with friends and family at home, and so forth. It’s important to bring your phone on vacation, but it’s just as important to leave it in your hotel room or on flight mode every now and then.

The Avila Beach Hotel offers – just like many other locations on Curacao – free Wi-Fi, making it easy to stay connected. Make sure to bring your charger as well and perhaps even a juice/power pack for extra battery.

Debit card / Credit card

When travelling abroad, it is very important that you can use your money. Make sure that your debit card or credit card is recognized in the country you travel to. If you are unsure about this, contact your bank well before your vacation.

Remember that if you forgot something or have the feeling you forgot to pack something, you can always buy it. So, no worries and try to also enjoy your vacation preps. There are so many people who would wish to travel to a sun trenched Caribbean island, and you have that privelage soon :)

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