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10 important things to do during the Coronavirus crisis

Almost the entire world is in lockdown due to the pandemic COVID-19. Now that most people are either at home or working double shifts in vital/essential jobs, it is only human to desire things you can’t do. Here are 10 things that you can do during this Coronavirus crisis. Even when you are at home, you can still do useful things, enjoy life and make a difference.

Help those in Need

A lot of people already lost their jobs or have their income cut in half due to the coronavirus crisis. Help those who can’t help themselves by offering them free groceries or by donating clothing, health products etc. There might also be special Facebook forum or website that can bring you in contact with folks and families in your region that don’t have any money to pay for food or other essentials.

Let your family, friends, neighbors, especially the elderly, know you think about them

There is still a lot you can do to keep in contact without being in physical. Fun apps like Houseparty is a fun way to interact with your relatives. Facetime, call, send cards and whatsapp messages, leave gestures on doorstep or send items via online distributors. Although people might be on their own, they don’t have to feel alone and secluded too.

Buy gift vouchers and/or go to your favorite restaurant and order takeout

Save the local hospitality industry and its employees giving their all, day in, day out. Buy gift certificates, vouchers, order takeout or delivery or buy other specials in which you pay now but enjoy later. This way you are directly supporting them and when things have settled down, you can treat yourself, loved one, family member, close friends to something pleasant using your gift certificate/voucher. 


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Spoil your kids with extra hugs 

You might think this whole situation is bizarre. Think about what kids might feel or think. They probably don’t completely understand what’s going on. They only notice that the situation is completely different than what they are used to, they are restricted in going out and seeing their close friends and classmates/kindergarten kiddos which they normally see on a regular basis. Although you might be working from home or working in a vital/essential job; don’t forget to explain as much as possible to your kids and spoil them with extra hugs.

Feel the ultimate freedom again by planning your next dream vacation 

You probably realize that being housebound feels quite limited. Now is the perfect time to take a good look at your travel wishes. Was Curacao for example always on your travel bucket list? Life is short; just do it! Make sure you have something positive to look forward to. By booking your flight, hotel stay, car rental etc. now, you are instantly supporting the Travel Industry. Just make sure that you are booking fully refundable tickets and hotel rooms. Odds are you are paying a great rate now and/or receive cool free extras you wouldn’t receive otherwise.

Do It Yourself Home Edition

Does the garden need some tender, love and care? Do you need a new wallpaper in your kid’s bedroom or do your kitchen cabinets really need to be rearranged? Now is the time for a thorough spring cleaning. Decluttering, organizing, and cleaning also been associated with improved mood, decreased stress, and heightened creativity.

Eat your Greens 

Staying at home often means eating more snacks and less healthy meals. Here and now is the time to boost your immune system and to be as healthy as possible. Try to start your day with a fruit and veggie smoothie. Drink plenty of water. Indulge in a decent meal with vegetables and try to cut white bread, white pasta, white rice from your diet. Also, avoid giving your kids sugar to avoid sugar rush tornados. Fruit and veggie smoothies can also be transformed to tasty popsicles for instance.

Keep being Active

It is easy to act like a full pro couch potato these days, it’s much better to keep moving. Try to start your day in your backyard or porch soaking up some sunrays while doing some yoga or kettlebell / dumbbell exercises. Run the stairs a few times a day or do some lunges when walking from the living room to your kitchen. End your day with a (easy) workout via one of the many Fitness tutorials on YouTube. You can feel good from the inside while staying inside, and it doesn’t have to costs you a dime. Plus, your kids will probably love the action too!

Don’t watch the news 24/7

There is so much news about the Coronavirus. If you read it all, you have your eyes on a screen or newspaper 24/7. Besides the fact that news bulletins will most probably not give you a peaceful state of mind, you are even exposing yourself to extra stress. Just follow the guidelines of the WHO and the local authorities strictly. Do everything that you can do for a safe and healthier environment and then focus on other (positive) things in live.

Invest in yourself 

Now that you are limited doing many things you love, it time to find happiness and new things to do in a different way. Lots of companies offer online items to enjoy digitally. There are awesome online courses that are popping up in abundance. Also, cool e-learning possibilities for kids via Apps like ABCmouse and Epic. Now is the time to follow an online class or course since you have to stay indoors anyway. Plus, they often offer you great discounts at this moment. Once this crisis is over, you are a better version of yourself with all kinds of new knowledge and skills.

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