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Live Jazz Concert earns Nafl. 4,376.94 for Cultural Center Curaçao

In honor of Avila’s Blues Bar & Restaurant’s 25th anniversary

WILLEMSTAD – Friday December 1st, Blues Bar & Restaurant of the Avila Beach Hotel celebrated her 25th anniversary with a grand Live Jazz Concert at Avila’s Octagon Plaza. The revenue of this fundraising concert ended up being Nafl. 4,376.94 and has been donated to foundation Cultural Center Curaçao (CCC/Sentro Kultural Kòrsou) to encourage young local musical cultural talents.

The cheque was handed over during the weekly Live Jazz Night at Blues Bar & Restaurant. The two artists which took the lead during the Live Jazz Concert, Hershel Rosario and David ‘Ronchi’ Mathews, awarded this, together with Marloes Schoep (Blues Bar & Restaurant Manager) and Farley Hollander (Resident Manager Avila Beach Hotel), to Carolina Nicholaas and Steve Teunis of foundation Cultural Center Curaçao.

Additionally, there was a pre-show by students of Cultural Center Curaçao / Sentro Kultural Kòrsou during the celebration. Very special was the fact that the youngest musician was the 12-year-old nephew of late Uti Gregorio. Uti performed almost weekly at Blues Bar & Restaurant for years, until his death. After the pre-show, the musical heavyweights gave a spectacular performance, which pleased the audience. It is very special so many local (jazz) artists and musicians, as many as twenty-five big names, were altruistically on stage together for one night.

Photo Live Jazz Concert
Photo Live Jazz Concert
Live Jazz Concert
Live Jazz Concert
Live Jazz Concert
Live Jazz Concert
Live Jazz Concert

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