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Eliminate the unexpected. Be in control of every aspect:

a. Eat a banana to kick off your day, it will make you less nervous.
b. Communicate actively with your participants and vendors in advance so they know where to be and what to expect.
c. Get their contact information and make sure they have yours.
d. Tour the facility before your conference begins to make sure your staff is in place and everything is in working order.
e. As things wind down and invoices come in, review them line-by-line so that you can resolve disputes on the spot.
f. And last but not least. Should you not be present, keep in contact! In total with 3 persons; your dedicated colleague onsite who is coordinating the day, your Conference & Banqueting contact person and the F&B Supervisor of the venue who will make sure that everything will happen according to your prior made arrangements.
g. Plan for a stress-free “Day Of”. Make sure that everything is said and done on the day of the event.