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7. Set the agenda and don’t be afraid to ask for ideas

a. Draft a detailed timeline for your conference that starts early (8AM is reasonable) and ends around 12.00 PM (lunch time, time to pick of the kids etc.) or 5PM (happy hour time). Be in close contact with the event location. Assume nothing. Ask questions, more questions, and still more questions.

b. Schedule a mix of formal speakers, small group workshops, and free networking time.

c. Plan to feed your participants every few hours, either with a full meal or a break snack.

d. After the day’s agenda is complete, consider hosting a cocktail party or dinner at one of our many terraces or restaurant options.

e. Plan for success with effortless collaboration and a creative touch. Work closely with the Conference & Banqueting Coordinators/Experts of the meeting location for ideas and inspiration on food and beverage options, room set-ups, decor and anything else you might need for your next event. They’ll surely help you execute a distinctive experience designed for people and focused on the purpose of your meeting. Your participants will feel more connected, inspired and accomplished.