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5 reasons to have dinner at The Pen Restaurant & Terrace

There are numerous restaurants on Curacao and you might have about a week to discover the entire island. In short, a difficult task to select a great restaurant every evening where your will have the time of your life and where your love for Curacao grows a bit more each time. The Pen Restaurant & Terrace is a unique open-air restaurant and a must visit if you are looking for a truly unique dining experience. We give you five reasons why you should experience this restaurant at least once in your life.

Extraordinary dishes with unique combinations, textures and palates

Extraordinary dishes with unique combinations, textures and palates

The Pen Restaurant & Terrace (previously known as Belle Terrace restaurant) is one of those restaurants on Curacao with international fame and an authentic heart combined with a sophisticated twist.

Here you will absolutely experience good food at its best

Authentic location with a view

Authentic location with a view

You would almost forget the unique location of The Pen Restaurant & Terrace. The semi-outdoor restaurant has a beach house setting. It is located in the lively Pietermaai District has a stunning sea view.

In 1812 the La Belle Alliance mansion, now operative as Avila’s reception area, was home to English Governors. Their favorite spot was the enclosed lush backyard of the villa, which they called The Pen. The Pen Restaurant & Terrace is situated at that same exact location and is named after their beloved hangout.

Taste the region

Taste the region

If you are curious to what this region has to offer than this is the place to be. You will be introduced with only the best ingredients from Curacao, the Caribbean and Latin America delivered in a modern and a very photogenic package. 

One of the few restaurants on Curacao where you can taste the region, and right from the farm to your fork.

Tip: Try the local Keshi Yena dish.

Healthy hotspot

Healthy hotspot

Vegetarians, Vegans, special diets like Gluten free or just looking for a healthy hotspot on Curacao? Search no more. 

Restaurants on Curacao mostly offer grilled specialties. The Pen Restaurant & Terrace is specialized in dishes focused on health, taste and only the best quality ingredients.

Culinary events

Culinary events

The Pen Restaurant & Terrace on Curacao organizes Culinary events twice a year with the best Michelin Chefs from the Netherlands like Ron Blaauw, Richard van Oostenbrugge and Robert Kranenborg.

We started this tradition on Avila's 50th anniversary in 1999 with the late Cas Spijkers. You will most likely notice their influences in your culinary experience. Also events such as Pasta e Basta (live from Amsterdam) is a yearly success.

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