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10 Best Restaurants on Curacao

Curacao has a lot to offer when it comes to your culinary experience. The restaurants on Curacao have a lot of tasty local dishes to offer but also the international kitchen is well represented on the island. We listed the 10 best restaurants on Curacao that can offer you an exquisite culinary experience which you truly cannot miss.


Baoase on Curacao offers the beach front Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant & Bar and presents little art pieces which are truly to die for. The restaurant uses only fresh and high quality ingredients and the menu is regularly updated with new culinary creations. They love to finish dishes tableside which makes your dining experience even more special!


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This restaurant is located in the Pietermaai District. Kome is the Papiamentu word for “Eat”. And at Kome on Curacao they really know how to let you enjoy your dinner to the max. Worldly cooking techniques are the foundation for the creative freedom of the owners; Chef David and Pastry Chef Susan. Their tapas night is also definitely worth a try. Promise us that you won’t leave this restaurant without having dessert.


Karakter is not your typical fine dining restaurant. During daytime Karakter is a perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing beach day with lounge chairs, cushions and a lot of shade. You can choose to have your breakfast and lunch in the comfort of your own lounge chair. And during night time Karakter transforms into a cozy fine dining restaurant where you can enjoy culinary delights while enjoying the sunset. You will love their menu and it is incredibly easy to spend a full day there having breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Pen

Curacao does not offer healthy, vegetarian, vegan or gluten free options? Think again! The Pen gives you the opportunity to taste what the region has to offer in a modern way and in a beach house setting. They have plenty vegetarian options and will also take into account other special dietary preferences. Modern cuisine, unique combinations of (local) ingredients, extremely photogenic food and don’t forget the ocean view! This restaurant is often the stage for Dutch Michelin Chefs and it’s also possible to have a romantic dinner on their stunning beach.


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At BijBlauw on Curacao they serve refreshing drinks, culinary delights and local flavors. They also have a Chef’s table available. Their restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. You will definitely enjoy the delicious combinations of flavor. Breakfast is as recommendable as dinner, especially their ‘Breakfast for 2’ is a fest. At BijBlauw on Curacao you have a lovely view to the ocean and their décor is Pinterest proof.

Fort Nassau

Fort Nassau on Curacao is situated high upon a hill offering a beautiful 360º view over the city of Willemstad. A sea of lights stretches to the horizon at night offering the most spectacular view. Their menu offers a delicious mix between meat and fish. The historical character of the 18th century fort, the modern interior, the stunning view and tasty food, make your visit worthwhile.


Omundo on Curacao could easily be located in a big city. Sophisticated with a cosmopolitan twist. If your wish list for the evening contains wines, cocktails, fine dining, live entertainment; you can stop looking for other options. Their menu changes often but their service and standards are very dependable and consistent. We are fan of their Tuesday evenings called “Omundo Grooves” where you can dine and dance.

Brakkeput Mei Mei

On the front porch of a historic country house, you will find Brakkeput Mei Mei. This open air restaurant offers various themed nights. We can recommend you the Salsa night on Monday, where you can enjoy a salsa instruction lesson after dinner. We also love the Lobster night on Thursday. No matter what evening you choose to have dinner there, you will love the historic setting and the salad bar.   


Hemingway on Curacao offers four seaside covered and open air areas and has that typical Caribbean atmosphere. Enjoy the stunning ocean and beach view. Don’t worry about what to wear, just sit back and relax and enjoy the tasty food. The menu is internationally oriented and offers dishes for everyone’s taste. We particularly are fan of their Cuban Night on Sunday with a delicious Latin buffet and swinging live music.


At Chopstix on Curacao it’s all about sushi, sashimi and Japanese dishes! Their sushi is not just sushi, but they (also) serve tempura sushi with delicious toppings. They have a great selection and they even have a sushi C.A.R.F. roll where they donate Nafl. 2,50 to Curacao Animal Rights Foundation. Our favorites are the Salsa roll, California roll and the Curacao roll which is even better with eel sauce instead of soya sauce. And while you’re there you have to try the tempura cheesecake; crunchy on the outside and melted sweetness inside, yummy.

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