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10 Best places to have Breakfast on Curacao

Not all people book their stay with a breakfast included and not everyone feels like preparing breakfast each day. And sometimes when there is a special occasion, you just wish to start the day a little more special than on some ordinary day. Where do you go when that moment arrives, with the price / quality ratio in mind?


The view at this restaurant is a great way to start your day. Add the unique breakfast items like the Pitahaya bowl, superfood bowl or the extensive Break “take it slow” item and you are good to go to have a joyous rest of your day.

If you wish to take a plunge right after breakfast than you are just a few feet from the sea. Karakter does not have a beach where you can gradually walk into the water, you enter the water via stairs.

Whatever you do, finish your breakfast with a cup of coffee because you will be treated with a super tasty piece of homemade chocolate.


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The name of this hotspot is pronounced as: Bagels. They like ‘m round, we like them with goat cheese. Or with smoked salmon, or slow-cooked pulled pork. 

If you like something warm in the morning, the pumpkin soup is a real treat.

Beyglz is located in Scharloo and is surrounded by beautiful murals. If you decide to have breakfast there you should definitely make a tour to view (and photograph) the awesome street art.

The Pen Restaurant & Terrace

What’s not to love about large-scale hotel buffets, right? The Pen Restaurant & Terrace is not only located in the oldest hotel on Curaçao, it also has a lovely sea view and a pleasant vibe.

What’s particularly great about this breakfast spot is that there is a dedicated omelet chef who prepares your egg just the way you like it and with the condiments you love.

Besides the live egg station, there is a bread & pastry station, a cereals & granola bar and a fresh fruit station. Take your pick! And if it is your Birthday, you’ll receive your breakfast for free when bringing along two other persons.

Number Ten 

If you are a sucker for salads, and by salads we mean Waffles, you should definitely go to Number Ten. That’s what you should unquestionably order when coming in for breakfast.

The interior at Number Ten is very Instagrammable. Especially around a special holiday like Halloween, Christmas or Easter, because the decorations are on point.

Do you have special dietary needs like a gluten or lactose intolerance, or do you live a vegetarian lifestyle? No problem, their friendly staff takes in account your requirements with a smile.

The only downside: it’s merely open from Monday through Friday.


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Koko’s is located in Jan Thiel. They have a small breakfast menu, but their Refreshing breakfast items are a real treat. For example, the fruit salad served in a fresh pineapple and the yummy yoghurt with homemade granola and healthy superfood mix and fruit.

If you need a little booster in the morning the citrus and ginger special is recommendable.

Koko’s has a very relaxed feel and if you wish to enjoy a swim afterwards the ocean is right at your feet.

De Dames

Translated in English this Dutch name means: The Ladies. This spot is hidden in an intimate open-air mall called Promenade. They offer sandwiches, egg dishes, Greek yogurt but they also serve heavenly and famous Dutch (flat) pancakes.

Enjoy them plain, with apple, or bacon with cheese served by their lovely staff which are all female, hence the name of the place.

Make it a balanced meal by choosing one of their healthy smoothies and juices on the side.

Nini’s Johnny Cake

Ever heard of a Johnnycake? A Johnnycake is a cornmeal flatbread. Jamaica is famous for it but they can be found all throughout the Caribbean Islands. This soul food is extremely tasty if you combine it with cheese (keshi) if you ask us. On Curacao you can also try it with conch (karko), stew (stoba), chicken (galinja) or cod (bakijou).

Visting Nini’s Johnny Cake on Corriweg 43 (Granda Building) is a true local experience, you hardly find tourists here. It is only open during the morning and you will see how important a yummy breakfast is to locals as Nini’s Johnny Cake is a very popular spot to grab and go a tasty Johnnycake.

By the way, an Arepa di Pampuna (local pumpkin pancake) is also a very great local treat which you can order at this authentic local snèk as well.

Hofi Cas Cora

Hofi Cas Cora is more than a restaurant. It is a home to the two young owners. They offer wellness activities, organize food festivals and farmer’s co-ops. It is also a farm where they grow the food that is served in the Eatery. Hence their slogan: Farm to table.

Everything is grown in an organic matter; not using any pesticides and you are even welcome to take a look around. You can also buy fresh hand-picked veggies and bring it home or to your hotel/apartment.

Besides the fantastic philosophy you will enjoy all kinds of sandwiches, wraps, egg dishes, waffles and don’t forget about their baked goods.

Do note that Hofi Cas Cora is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

La Boheme

This cute little joint is in downtown Willemstad and is a very colorful place. La Boheme opens at 8.00 am and serves numerous breakfast items. However, the delicious Arepas are why you should truly pay them a visit.

Add a good-looking smoothie on the side. Our favorites are the Pineapple Express, Verde Amarello (with chocolate!), Clockwork Orange and the Aloe Vera Detox.

We are certain that you will find this breakfast spot not only charming, but very photogenic too.

Bonchi Coffeehouse

Like most of the breakfast spots in this list, Bonchi Coffeehouse is also open for lunch. What’s unique about this spot is the personal service and their coffee.

Choose between the two types of coffee beans (Brazilian or Ethiopian) and combine them with the heavenly French pastries made by the renowned La Vie en Rose.

Don’t be scared to try the coffees that are blend with for example orange juice, tonic or chocolate-orange sorbet. It is very out of the box, but also very worth a try!

End your visit to Bonchi Coffeehouse with a stroll to the nearby located Handelskade and pontoon bridge to lose some of those breakfast calories.

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